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Top 5 Travel Healthcare Myths

Traveling. The word itself has so many stereotypes and misconceptions, especially when it comes to healthcare traveling. I want to bring light to a few of those misconceptions so more people fall in love with traveling. Read on for the top five myths that I believe are most common in the traveling industry.

Myth #1: “It’s too hard to travel with kids or family.”

Many clinicians travel with partners, children, relatives, pets, and even friends! Bringing your loved ones with you on assignment is like traveling with a piece of home and can help make it all the more enjoyable and rewarding. Of course, there’s a lot to consider when bringing others with you on assignments, like extra travel-related expenses or care while at work. Some questions to consider that can help lay the foundation for a successful travel assignment with family are:

  • Logistics – Are you driving or flying? Are you renting a U-Haul, packing up the RV, or taking only what you can carry?
  • Housing – How many bedrooms do you need? Does your accommodation need to include a dedicated working space for schoolwork or remote work?
  • Education – In person, online, or homeschool?
  • Childcare – Will your childcare travel with you in the form of a spouse, relative, or nanny? Or will you hire as you go?

The good news is with some careful preparation and planning, it’s 100% doable! Your plan of action depends on your unique travel situation (for example, traveling solo with a toddler looks much different than traveling with a family). It’s important to always be open and communicative with your travel companions, so everyone is in-tune and on track together. And remember, you can always reach out to your recruiter, other travelers, or support groups to help guide you through travel assignments with pets, friends, or family!

Myth #2: “I’m going to have to find my own housing.”

Not necessarily! It depends on the agency, but there are typically two ways you can secure housing for each assignment:

  • Your agency finds housing for you. 
    Your recruiter will work closely with your agency’s housing team to ensure all your most important boxes are checked. Nearby, pet-friendly, kid-friendly, fully furnished – you name it – your agency can help take the stress out of finding a safe, private space. They’ll even cover pet deposits and utilities!

    • Pro: Your recruiter helps travelers find places every day, so they already know the better places to rent, the best parts of town, and what’s worked for others (or hasn’t worked) in the past.
    • Con: You may prefer to have a more active role in the search or want to see more options than your agency provides.
  • You secure your own short-term housing. 
    Some travelers opt to take the housing stipend offered by their agency and search for their own short-term accommodations. Nowadays, fully-furnished monthly stays are common, and easy to book online through rental sites like Airbnb, Vrbo, Furnished Finder, or extended-stay hotels.

    • Pro: This option allows you to be a little pickier about location, the rental, and accommodations, down to the square footage.
    • Con: The search for the perfect stay can be time-consuming, you’re responsible for fees that exceed the stipend, and if there are any issues with your accommodations, it’s up to you to sort them out.

Whether you choose agency-provided housing or decide to see what’s out there yourself, your recruiter is an endless resource for recommendations or advice and is always here when you need them!

Myth #3: Travelers get stuck with terrible shifts.”

This is something that many assume, but in truth, the shifts you work depend on the positions you accept. Traveler contracts come in all shapes, durations, and sizes, allowing you to explore schedule flexibility that a permanent position just can’t offer. Your recruiter will work closely with you to help you find the right job, in the right place, for the right length. But in the end, you have the final say when you accept or reject an assignment.

Myth #4: “There’s no stability in healthcare traveling.”

Don’t fret – travelers receive benefits! While you care for your patients, it’s only fitting your agency helps care for you. Every agency is different, so discussing your plan’s specifics with your recruiter is best.

Aureus Medical Group travelers are covered from day one with a comprehensive perks and benefits package that includes:

  • Low-cost, day-one health, vision, and dental
  • Unlimited loyalty and referral bonuses
  • 401k with company match
  • Housing and travel services or stipends
  • Free mental health and well-being services
  • Pet insurance, paid licensure, paid immunizations, and more!

On top of those fantastic benefits, there’s no shortage of stability in the job market. You’ll find thousands of Aureus Medical travel assignments in every corner of the U.S., including Washington, D.C. and Guam, with new jobs posted daily!

Myth #5: “I’m too old to travel.”

There’s absolutely no age limit to becoming a healthcare traveler! Facilities are looking for passionate, professional clinicians who can get the job done. Seasoned, more experienced clinicians might decide to start traveling for several reasons, all personal and unique to their care journey. Maybe the kiddos have left the nest, or you’re looking for a way to ease into retirement. Traveling’s flexibility allows you to work on and off at your own comfortable pace – i.e., take an assignment, take some time off, take an assignment, etc. So, no matter which stage you’re at in your healthcare career, it’s never too late to follow your career dreams.

Start a Travel Career with Aureus Medical Group!
It’s never too early or late to speak to a recruiter about starting an exciting new travel career! For over 35 years, Aureus Medical has been helping healthcare professionals travel the U.S., grow personally and professionally, and collect experiences of a lifetime. We’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of your healthcare career, so don’t wait for a second longer – connect with Aureus Medical today!

Originally written by a Social Media Recruiter for the Aureus Medical Group Nursing division.

Updated Oct. 2022


  1. Your company recently visited MUSC in Charleston, SC and I was just inquiring of new grad hire positions coming available after graduation in December. I have been a certified surgical technologist for over 12 years and just wanted to broaden my nursing career. Thank you for your assistance.

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