Keeping job safety top of mind through safety training program.

At Aureus Medical Group®, the safety and well-being of each of our employees while on a travel assignment is vitally important to us. We believe safety begins before our employees begin work on day one.

We’ve developed a comprehensive Safety Training Program that is in accordance with all current OSHA standards. Completion of the program is required of each Aureus Medical employee, including travel nurses, travel PTs, travel OTs, and other allied health professionals prior to being placed on a travel job assignment nationwide. Your recruiter will provide you with more information on how to get started.

Print or read Aureus Medical’s Safety Training Program
Print or read Aureus Medical's OSHA Notice

Expressing Safety Concerns
Should you ever have concerns about safety or patient care standards in any of the facilities to which you are assigned, or observe what you believe to be unsafe practices, promptly contact your client supervisor and Aureus to review and follow-up on your observations and/or concerns. As an employee of Aureus, you should feel free to report concerns about the safety and quality of care provided in healthcare facilities to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations without any fear of adverse consequences or disciplinary action by Aureus.

The Joint Commission
(630) 792-5000

Expressing Safety Concerns in Maryland
If you are working in the state of Maryland and feel that personnel is not providing safe and up-to-standard nursing care as regulated by the Maryland Board of Nursing and/or Maryland Office of Health Care Quality, you have a right to file a complaint regarding the care provided by staff to the Office of Health Care Quality, verbally via phone at 410.402.8038 during office hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Or, after hours, call the Hotline, 1.800.492.6005, and leave a message. Messages will be returned the next business day.

Written complaints may be submitted to:

Barbara Fagan, Program Manager
Maryland Office of Health Care Quality
Spring Grove Center, Bland Bryant Building
55 Wade Avenue
Catonsville, MD 21228
or submit online