Healthcare staffing partner

Staffing solutions to meet the needs of healthcare.

In healthcare, every day is different. There are new challenges to meet, decisions to make, and success stories to celebrate. What doesn’t change is that patients deserve quality care.

Aureus Medical Group® is here as your resource to help you remain staffed. Whether you need a travel nurse tomorrow, a therapist a month from now, or are struggling with a hard to fill position, or are exploring a managed services model to streamline staffing, we’re here to assist you at any given time with a portfolio of staffing solutions to meet your needs at any given time.

National Contract (travel)
Obtain contract staff to augment your core team during periods of shortage, extended absences, census fluctuations, staff training, or other situations. Aureus Medical handles all payroll, benefits, travel, and housing arrangements.

Direct Hire (full-time)
Our broad, nationwide network enables us to source skilled and experienced healthcare professionals in your immediate area along with those who would consider relocation for full-time positions with your facility.

Match Hire® (contract-to-hire)
Assess a prospective healthcare professional’s compatibility and job performance for a trial period before making a direct-hire (full-time) commitment through this “working interview”.

Managed Services
Medical Solutions, a parent company of Aureus Medical, is an industry-leading managed services provider that streamlines and simplifies contingent workforce processes. Medical Solutions� people-based program combines web-based technology with the support of a dedicated Clinical Team to provide customized solutions to help healthcare facilities improve candidate quality, control labor costs, and increase fill rates.