What is travel healthcare?

Explore great spaces and places while working in your field. Then, pack up and move on to your next adventure. Travel healthcare is the ultimate in work and play.

When hospitals have gaps to fill due to staff shortages, seasonality, extended absences, or training, they turn to travel healthcare professionals, such as travel therapists, who step in for a given period of time and work alongside the core healthcare team.

At Aureus Medical Group® you’ll be assigned a recruiter who will get to know you and what your goals are, then will match you with job opportunities in the locations on your wish list. Move from one assignment to the next or take time off in between. You choose your direction. In the meantime, your recruiter takes care of you.

Attributes of a successful travel healthcare professional
Let’s use travel therapy as an example. A therapist should be flexible, confident, have exceptional skills, and be able to hit the ground running. And, most importantly, a successful travel therapist will put the patient first.

Length of assignments
Travel assignments are generally 13-26 weeks in length though may be shorter or longer, depending on the healthcare facility’s needs. If you’re loving the assignment and reluctant to leave, your recruiter can look into the possibility of an extension.

Jobs everywhere
As one of the largest healthcare staffing agencies in the country, we have jobs in travel therapy and across all allied health fields available with hospitals located coast to coast, from popular tourist destinations, urban centers, small communities, and mid-sized cities. We’re everywhere.

Perks and benefits
A career in travel healthcare offers a great opportunity to build your resume, expand your skills, work in a variety of settings, and make new friends. It also offers great pay and benefits including insurance, housing options, travel to and from assignments, and more.

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