What is travel nursing?

Be your best self as a nurse. Explore great places, one after another, while working and living as if you were local. This is the life changing career as a travel nurse.

At any given time hospitals may experience gaps in their workforce due to staffing shortages, extended absences, census fluctuations, or staff training. Travel nurses step in and become a part of the healthcare team on a short term basis. Think of it as an extended working vacation.

At Aureus Medical Group® you’ll work closely with a recruiter – your point person, your liaison, and your advocate - who learns about you and your wish list, identifies potential opportunities, and coordinates everything from your interview to your first day on the job. Before your assignment is completed, your recruiter is on the lookout for your next assignment, whether you want to move from one right to the next or take a short break in between.

What makes for a great travel nurse?
Flexibility, sharp skills, and being able to jump right in as part of the healthcare team are must-haves of a travel nurse. Most of all, travel nursing requires skilled and dedicated nurses who are strong, confident, and who put patients first.

Length of assignments
Travel nursing assignments are typically 13-26 weeks in length, sometimes more, sometimes less. Feeling so at home you’re not ready to leave your assignment? Your recruiter can inquire about an extension.

Travel nursing jobs - everywhere
One of the best things about travel nursing is the freedom to choose where you want to work and when. Because we’re one of the nation’s largest healthcare staffing agencies, we have jobs available coast to coast – and off the coast, too, in Alaska and Hawaii. Tell us where your heart is calling you and your recruiter will search for jobs with hospitals in these locations.

Perks and benefits
Beyond exploring new places and spaces, travel nursing is a great way to build your resume, hone skills by working in a variety of settings, and meet new people who may become lifelong friends. Travel nursing offers great pay and benefits including insurance, housing options, travel to and from assignments, and more.

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Work where you want to play. Contact us or apply online!