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A Traveler’s Impact on the Hospital

We’ve all thought about it - working as a medical professional and traveling for a living sound like a great idea in theory, but there are a lot of challenges and sacrifices that travelers have to face. They have to leave family and friends to go somewhere new.

Using travel occupational therapy to treat addiction

If you're looking for travel therapy jobs that suit your interests, consider an occupational approach to treating addiction. Here's what that looks like.

3 Housing Must-Knows For Travel Nurses and Techs

You’ve signed your contract for your first travel assignment. Many thoughts quickly flash through your brain: What do I do next? Where am I going to do that drug test they mentioned? I need to turn in my notice at work. How will I manage to pack for three months away from home?

Is triage nursing the right travel nurse position for you?


Five Books to Read on the Road this Spring

If you’re like me, you’ve got to have a book with you whenever you travel. Regardless of whether you actually read it or not, it just doesn’t feel like you’re ready to hit the road until you know you have at least one, if not two, good books at the ready.

A travel nurse’s guide to the myths and facts of caffeine

In honor of National Caffeine Awareness Month, here are the truths and lies regarding the stimulant a travel nurse may encounter.

Five Ways to Improve the Recruiter-Traveler Relationship

It is no secret that we live in a world in which building a quality relationship is a necessity to succeed. The travel therapy world is no different. If you ask anyone, the single most important factor to traveling as a therapist is building a great relationship with your recruiter.

Travel therapy and telehealth: A match made in medicine

Just what is this telehealth and how can it affect travel therapy providers? Let's find out.