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Five Reasons to Travel with AureUS

When you’re a traveling nurse, physician, therapist, or other healthcare professional - seasoned or fresh into the market - there HAD to have been a point where you asked yourself, “What’s the difference between agency A, agency B, and agency C?” Have you tried researching the differences between all the agencies out there?

How to Make New Friends on a Travel Assignment

Having a great friend during your assignment is so important as a traveling Registered Nurse and Surgical Technician. Your question may be: “how do I make great friends while being away from the people I am closest to?” Here are four easy tips on how to make friends while on a travel assignment.

5 Reasons You Can’t Find Your Next Travel Contract

It’s the last week of your travel assignment, you’ve read dozens of job descriptions, talked to multiple companies, researched options on your own, and you still don’t have your next contract lined up. “What’s the problem?” you ask yourself.

The most common summer injuries travel therapists should prepare for

Travel physical therapists working new assignments this summer should expect to treat these common seasonal injuries.

Must-have gadgets to use while travel nursing

Frequent travelers can benefit from using these devices on their trips.

Travel assignments: The good, the bad, and the ugly

When I’m talking to candidates about beginning a career as a traveling healthcare professional, they want to hear about not only the good aspects and what they can look forward to, but the negative as well. And who can blame them?

What is your reputation worth?

I have been working in allied healthcare staffing for over nine years. I have learned that in the travel industry everyone knows everyone. And, if the manager doesn't know you yet, they will soon.

Is it allergies or something else? What travel nurses need to know

Summer allergies can be uncomfortable for patients, but it's important to be sure the symptoms aren't masking something more serious.