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4 Reasons Why Travelers Matter

Shots are fired. People are scattering. There are hundreds hurt and wailing in pain. Car after car, the injured are dropped off to the emergency rooms across the city. This was the scene in the immediate aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting on October 1st. Recently, I watched a video in which a

November: A Time to Be Thankful AND Mindful

For many of us the month of November represents the beginning of the holiday season. It’s post- Halloween, with Thanksgiving, family gatherings, and Christmas just around the corner; in other words, eating season! It also happens to be American Diabetes Month.

A chat with Jimmy McKay of PT Pintcast

Check out our interview with fan favorite PT podcaster Jimmy McKay of PT Pintcast.

How to live the dream

When I talk to PT and OT students, I always ask what their dream job looks like. There's a chance that we won't have an opportunity like that available, so why would I set them up for what would seem like a disappointment? I ask not because I want to promise them everything they've ever

Road to success: Four ways to help you reach your destination

Success! Just hearing the word sparks some kind of emotion within you. Most everyone is striving for their own different idea of success. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come easily. That being said, though the definition of success is different, the road to get there is not. Here are four tips to help you accomplish

What settings can a physical therapist work in other than a clinic?

Physical therapists work in a variety of settings besides clinics, providing many opportunities for travel PTs to apply their skills in diverse environments.

Top holiday festivals across the United States

As the holiday season approaches, be on the lookout for fun events and community gatherings that can help you fully experience your home away from home when working in travel healthcare jobs.

Great attitude = great times

I was recently on an excursion in Mexico when my tour guide provided me with the inspiration for this blog. He gave us some advice: “We will have a great time as long as we have great attitudes.”