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12 Interesting Holiday Facts

We’re spreading some holiday cheer with these 12 interesting holiday facts. Share with your family and friends at your holiday gatherings!

How travel physical therapy jobs help brain injury patients

Many people who sustain a TBI would greatly benefit from travel therapy or another form of physical or occupational therapy.

State-based licensure in travel nursing

Here is what you need to know about getting licensed as a travel nurse and the licenses available to you.

Keeping your scrubs clean in travel nursing jobs

It's important to know how to keep your scrubs clean and in good condition to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Nurses can network too!

Networking. We hear about it all the time but what exactly is networking and how do you, as a nurse, network?! Networking is connecting, collaborating, and maintaining relationships with a group of people. As a nursing student, it can be easy to get caught up in school, clinical rotations, and exams but think of

Travel nursing jobs in psychiatric settings

When most people think of travel nursing, they likely think about nursing in the traditional clinic or hospital sense. However, there is a large number of nurses out there who specialize in the mental health and psychiatric areas of medicine.

Nurse practitioner jobs: Educating your patients about flu shots

There is something you can do to take a stand against the flu that all people in nurse practitioner jobs should be talking to their patients about: getting the flu shot.

The top 4 reasons you need to work with a staffing firm

Before interning at Aureus Medical during my senior year of college, I had no idea what a staffing firm was. I didn’t realize that there was an entire industry dedicated to helping people find jobs for FREE! How cool is that?