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Better Know These 3 Things BEFORE Traveling

If you get the opportunity to travel while on the job, you immediately become the envy of all of your coworkers. There is something very satisfying about posting pictures of you relaxing by the pool during your downtime on Facebook while your cohorts are stuck in the office back home and plugging away on their

Staying organized on the road

You are on your third contract for the year and are stressing over moving...again. Packing and unpacking, only to do it again 13 weeks later! Being a traveler gives you the opportunity to see new places and things, but it also comes with the hassle of transporting yourself and your belongings across the country.

Raising awareness for National Bath Safety Month in physical therapy jobs

January is National Bath Safety Month, and it's up to those in physical therapy jobs to spread the word when it comes to the importance of keeping your bathroom safe for use.

New Year’s resolutions for travel nurses

If anyone is resilient and determined enough to make positive changes in the new year, it's travel nurses. Here are a few simple resolutions you should consider for 2017.

Is There More to the Winter Blues?

Have the winter blues suddenly got you down? In the beginning of winter, with all the holiday cheer, excitement and joys of the holiday season, our mind tends to refrain from any type of winter blues.

Why is setting goals important?

Happy New Year! 2017 is going to be an awesome year! At least, that's what we all hope for ourselves, our families, our friends, and our careers. It's time to set your goals and make resolutions for the year.

Attitude & Adaptability – Pros/Cons of Traveling

Traveling is pictured as the next great adventure! Spending time exploring, trying new jobs, meeting new people. Often, the negative points of traveling can get overlooked by the idealism that surrounds traveling.

Travel nursing advice: Holiday safety

Here are some things that all medical professionals should instruct their patients to do this holiday season in an effort to stay safe.