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You've decided to take the plunge and experience the wonderful world of travel healthcare. Whether it's your first travel contract or 40th, I'm sure you're excited to see new, interesting destinations across the country!

3 stories for travel nurse inspiration

Nurses are the unsung heroes of society. As a travel nurse, you know you and your team work tirelessly to provide high-quality patient care.

Celebrate National Physician Assistant Week

Every year we celebrate National Physician Assistant week October 6-12. This is a week for us to say “thank you” to all of the providers out there that are working hard every day for hours on end to keep us all healthy.

Travel therapy tips: Encourage your patients to relax

There are certain factors on the patient's side that can limit their progression in a travel physical therapy program, and stress is one of them.

Make the most of your time on assignment

Aureus works with so many traveling medical professionals out on the road that I wanted to share my go-to resources in hopes of helping these travelers make the most of the time they spend in new areas.

Travel physical therapy with patients who have Down syndrome

As someone working in physical travel therapy, you'll have an opportunity to make a positive, long-term difference in so many kids' lives by working with patients who have Down syndrome. 

Travel physical therapy: Encourage patients to exercise with these apps

As someone working in travel physical therapy, you know the importance of exercise.

Halloween safety tips to encourage among your patients

As a travel nurse, you've likely found a whole new slew of horrors associated with this holiday: high rates of injury.