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FAQ Friday – The Application

Why do I have to fill out an application with a travel company in order to talk about jobs? Can’t they just send my resume?

Understanding TBI therapy

Let's take a closer look at TBIs and their therapy methods.

6 Things You Should Always Do On Every Travel Assignment

Being a healthcare traveler has its many perks, one being the opportunity to explore new locations on a regular basis. Since travel assignments are typically 13 weeks long, and a majority of that time will be spent working, it can be hard to fit in activities.

Homesick for the Holidays

As the old saying goes – holidays are best spent with family. But sometimes that is not possible for medical professionals working assignments away from home. So what do you do when that homesick feeling starts to set in? Try these simple tips to enjoy your holidays while away on assignment.

Interview Tips for Travel Nurses 

We talked with Leslie Brown, Regional Branch Manager of Aureus Nursing, to learn her top tips, advice and insight on interviewing for travel nursing positions.

FAQ Friday: The Interview

What is the interview process for a travel assignment? Is there an in-person or over the phone interview? We answer this in our FAQ Friday blog

Leaving a lasting impression as a traveler

When you travel as a temporary employee you may be the new person in the department or office every three months. That is a lot of first impressions to make! Here are some tips for making sure you hit the ground running on every assignment!

Five things you need to collect while on assignment

Travel therapy is an exciting adventure. One can see and work in every single state if they so desire. There are sights to see and new things to experience. The memories will last forever, but it can sometimes be difficult to find a way to reflect on those times when all is said