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How to become a travel nurse

Traveling nurse jobs are in-demand and offer many great oppertunities.

Physical therapy job prospects continue to grow

Physical therapy is an in-demand health care job with high employee satisfaction rates.

Mental Health Month – Raising Mental Health Awareness

For most people, the month of May tends to be quite busy. High school and college graduations are usually on the calendars, the scent of barbecues fill the air on Memorial weekend, and pools are opening. It is safe to say that the month of May can be the unofficial kickoff to summer and for

Five surprising things about travel healthcare

When thinking about traveling, you can hear the good, bad, and the ugly from other travelers. Each person can tell you something different, but most have these five things in common. Read about five things that most travelers are surprised to learn about traveling.

Getting started in travel nursing

Two travel nurses explain what they love about their careers for National Nurses Week.

Nurses Week Reflections

As Nurses Week begins, I wanted to think of a way to celebrate nurses in a way to relate to one another. We all got to where we are from different scenarios. Life brings us all down different paths that put us where we are today.

10 Apps All Travel Nurses & Techs Need To Download

In today’s society, everything is at our fingertips. As we know, not only do we use our phones to keep in touch, but we can utilize them to help organize our lives. Whether you’re an experienced travel nurse or a first time travel tech, you’ll want to be sure to download these apps before your

Treating kids in travel nursing: Youth Sports Injuries

Injury rates are high among youth athletes.