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7 Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse Again 

You may have pressed the breaks on a travel career before, but would you ever consider hitting the open road again? Your job can be highly demanding and emotionally taxing, so don’t let day-to-day stressors lead to permanent burnout. Instead, consider a change of pace with a travel assignment or two! Here are a few compelling reasons to get in touch with your recruiter again, for old-time’s sake. 

1.You can work at your own pace

Work, rest, explore, repeat! Create your dream work/life balance and take assignments as few or often as you’d like. Take time to recoup and reset between contracts or plan to be near family for important moments. After the last few years, you’ve definitely earned it!

2.You can keep your benefits for up to 4 weeks between assignments

While every agency is different, Aureus Medical Group and Medical Solutions nursing and allied travelers stay covered in-between assignments. So schedule some R&R or finally take that weekend trip (or two!), knowing all your health benefits are still in place. 

3.You can work different assignment lengths

Plan an amazing year with contract lengths that fit your lifestyle and personal travel goals. Whether you prefer to work as needed, like Per Diem or Strike, standard 8-13 week assignments, or longer-term contracts, you get a say in where you work, for how long, and when. 

4.You can shake up your day-to-day

The same work routine day after day and year after year can get a bit old, but it turns out frequent travel can help make people up to 7% happier! Each new travel assignment is a chance to jump out of your comfort zone and experience something new, all while continuing your passion and commitment to care.

5.You can take the time to advance your education

Traveling can also help you shoot for that additional certification or degree you’ve always wanted. Because of flexible scheduling and time to take off between assignments, you have more time to focus on your educational goals without putting your career on hold.  

6.You can expand your clinical skills

One of the best parts of traveling is the chance to broaden your professional skill sets. Share your knowledge with others and learn something new in return! Even the most seasoned healthcare veteran could benefit from working closely with skilled and inspiring clinicians across the country.2)

7.You can help patients and communities in need

You know as well as we do that compassion and care don’t stop with patients – they spread out into the community. You were called to care for a reason, and as a healthcare traveler, you can be where help is needed most.

There are so many rewarding reasons to jump back into a healthcare travel career. Whether you need a change of pace, a way to ease into retirement, or just the time and flexibility to pursue other ventures, traveling can help get you there. 

Are you ready to travel again? Apply here to connect with a member of the Aureus Medical team! You can find available jobs in every corner of the U.S., with new openings added daily.

This blog was originally posted by our parent company, Medical Solutions. You can read the original article here

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