Healthcare staffing partner

Healthcare staffing services for the Government and the Federal Supply Schedule.

In April of 2004, Aureus Medical Group® was awarded the government’s Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract 621 I for Professional & Allied Healthcare Staffing Services to government healthcare facilities across the nation. This contract covers specialties in Allied Health and Nursing.

Aureus government clients include the Veteran’s Administration, Indian Health Services, and the Department of Defense. Since our award, Aureus has served more than 300 government clients by providing healthcare staffing for more than 1000 positions.

NAGC Proud MemberAs a certified Joint Commission organization actively involved in Process Improvement initiatives, Aureus solicits customer service feedback from all of our clients, including government facilities. Since the inception of our contract, customer service ratings from government healthcare facilities using our staffing services has averaged from 4.0 to 4.5 on a 5 point scale. Some of the comments these facilities have provided in their feedback to us includes:

Feedback about Aureus Services:

  • Aureus is the company that I prefer to work with. Your staff is exceptional…they all deserve the highest award for their work. I am so thankful that [our facility] is able to count on Aureus and your staff.
  • Pleasure to work with [Aureus Account Manager]. He is aware of the needs of the VA and works very hard to see that they are met. I enjoy working with him!
  • [Aureus Account Manager] is a pleasure to work with. She understands our needs and requirements and always works with us to provide what we need within those requirements. She understands and follows VA contracting rules which ultimately helps us meet our patient care needs.
  • It is always a pleasure working with [Aureus Account Manager]. She is not only friendly and courteous she is exemplary in her attitude to do whatever she can for the client. She is wonderful to deal with.
  • [Aureus Account Manager] is extremely helpful and respectful of our needs. I have recommended him as a contact for several techs who have considered traveling. He is fair and honest and works diligently to fulfill our needs. We have had only Aureus travelers for some time now and currently have 3 on staff. All excellent employees.

Feedback about Healthcare Workers (Aureus Employees):

  • It has been wonderful working with [Aureus Employee]. He is a great nurse and excellent with patients. He gets along with all the staff and we are grateful to have him. He also follows all the policies and procedures and he is always willing to do more for the unit and the patients.
  • [Aureus Employee] is an excellent nurse, she delivers great patient care. It did not take long to orient her to our routine. She follows our policies and gets along with the rest of the staff very well. It has been a delight to work with her and we are all glad to have her working here.
  • Very thorough and conscientious tech. Learns quickly. Very pleasant personality. Works well with all techs and keeps busy. Highly recommend.
  • I have nothing but excellent things to say. She's flexible, dependable, she loves to teach. She just brings so much to our department every time she's here.
  • [Aureus Employee] was a great help when we needed her on fairly short notice and was very flexible, working around our equipment failures. She was pleasant to work with and always had a positive outlook. She would gladly help out anytime we asked. She also has a great sense of humor which helped during some stressful times.
  • [Aureus Employee] is an excellent nurse. His performance in the Cath Lab was outstanding. He did not need a lot of orientation, he adjusted to the unit routine very quickly and delivered excellent care to our patients. We were very sad to see him go.