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Aureus Medical Referral and Loyalty Bonuses

As an Aureus Medical traveler, you have an entire team of recruiting experts, great benefits, company-paid housing, 401(k), and more at your fingertips. But a major cherry on top of this travel nursing sundae is the opportunity to earn bonuses! Surprisingly, many travelers may not even be aware of these programs, but they’re an additional way you can make extra money — and they’re both super easy!

Here’s a bit about how these no-strings bonuses work:

$600 Loyalty Bonus

After every 600 hours worked with Aureus Medical, you earn a $600 bonus! 
All Aureus Medical travelers are automatically enrolled in the loyalty bonus program at the start of their first assignment. We automatically track your hours worked throughout the year for you, but you can always check the status of your loyalty bonus at any time with your recruiter. Once you’ve reached 600 hours and earn the $600 loyalty bonus you immediately start earning towards your next bonus.
The fine print:

  • On-call hours do not count toward the loyalty bonus. However, call back and all other hours, like extra shifts, do. 
  • The number of loyalty bonuses you can earn are unlimited! So keep accruing hours, and once you reach 600 your count automatically resets.
  • Your hours never expire! If you take some time off from traveling with Aureus Medical, we’ll hold on to your accrued hours, and they’ll be available to use when you return.

The loyalty bonus program is our small way of thanking you for your hard work, loyalty, and commitment to quality patient care. So keep doing you, accrue those hours, and we’ll take care of the rest!

$500 Referral Bonus

Earn an extra $500 for every successful referral to Aureus Medical!
If you have any colleagues, friends, or any talented nurses and allied healthcare professionals interested in a travel or direct-hire opportunity, refer them to Aureus Medical!

There’s no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can earn, but candidates must include your full name in their application, accept a position, and work at least 30 days before you’re awarded your $500 bonus. Just like our loyalty bonus, is no limit to the number of people you can refer or the number of referral bonuses you can receive.

How to Refer a Candidate:
Have the perfect person in mind already? All you need to do to refer your candidate is follow the link below and complete a short referral form. 

Refer a candidate and claim your bonus! 

Once your form is submitted, your candidate will be contacted by an Aureus Medical recruiter. In the meantime, they can search available jobs online or call 1.866.663.3548 for any questions about the process!

However they contact us, be sure they mention your name!

Other Awesome Perks and Benefits of Traveling with Aureus Medical

While you’re busy caring for patients, we think it’s only fitting that we help care for you! Our comprehensive perks and benefits package ensures you’re in the best hands, whatever comes your way.

Active Aureus Medical clinicians on assignment have access to all sorts of personal and professional perks, including:

Your hard work and dedication mean the world to us, and we hope these perks and benefits help you have peace of mind as you hit the open road. Have any questions about our loyalty bonus, referral program, or additional perks? Ask your recruiter for more information on all things Aureus Medical or check out our homepage for details.

We also have tons of great travel nursing jobs, physical therapy jobs, occupational therapy jobs, and other opportunities available for skilled healthcare professionals. Plus, new jobs are added all the time! Start your search today – don’t forget to tell your friends, too!

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