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The Best Perks of Part-Time Travel Nursing

Travel nursing can truly be the best of both worlds, combining the security of a full-time healthcare career with the joys and mobility of traveling all in one. It’s a flexible alternative to a permanent nursing position that allows you to test drive a travel career at your own pace. If you’re curious about starting a travel nursing career, here are a few of the many perks you can expect.

Contract Lengths that Fit Your Lifestyle

With flexible scheduling, you don’t need to adjust life events to fit around work– you can easily supplement work to fit around your life. Travel contracts are available in all shapes, durations, and sizes, but you can choose assignments that best work for you and your unique needs. Need some supplemental income here and there? No problem. Want to work 13 weeks, take 4 weeks off, and repeat? You got it. Only want to work for half the calendar year? You do you!

Travel nurse contracts range from as little as 4 to as many as 26 weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less. But a flexible schedule or part-time traveling doesn’t mean fewer hours; your usual hours and shifts are just in shorter contracts or fewer assignments.

Shorter Contracts: Per Diem, PRN, Strike, or 2-6 Weeks

Shorter contracts are typically needed to help hospitals fill crisis gaps in scheduling around holidays, vacation time, strike staffing, etc. These contract lengths offer the most flexibility and are perfect for supplemental income, but they can have some drawbacks. They can be hard to find and harder to secure, and it’s more common to see contract cancellations if the hospital has over-booked coverage. 

Average Contracts: 8-13 Weeks 

A hospital may need travel nurses for any reason, and 8 to13 week assignments help fill staffing gaps due to medical leaves, new hire orientations, vacations, and shortages. As a traveler, these contracts can add value to your travel experience. Up to 13 weeks in a facility gives you time to find your bearings, you’re more likely to get time off requests honored, and you can maintain a great rate for longer.

Longer Contracts: 16-26 Weeks and Contract Extensions

Long-term contracts, usually 16 to 26 weeks long, can help hospitals maintain patient care through seasonal fluctuations, understaffing, clinician burnout, etc. Like your average 13-week contract, longer travel assignments have better housing and pay benefits and can sometimes lead to extensions or full-time positions. Extensions and permanent offers usually happen when (and if) the hospital has the need and is happy with your performance, and you agree to stay longer.

Contract variety is a huge benefit of travel nursing that’s just not possible with a permanent position today. Maybe you’d prefer to hop around every few months, or maybe you enjoy sticking around, living in each new area like a local. Whatever your preference, a variety of flexible assignments are available with Aureus Medical Group across the country. Your recruiter will work closely with you to help find the right position, in the right place, for the right length.

Time to Reset and Refresh

We often underestimate the value of R&R for our physical and mental health. Nursing is high-stress and emotionally taxing 24/7, but traveling gives you room to take a step back and breathe. Scheduling time to recharge between assignments helps avoid serious burnout and compassion fatigue, interrupting workplace stress that leads to anxiety and over-exhaustion. 
The easiest way to pencil in some guilt-free “me time” while traveling is to take advantage of your travel agency’s benefits policy. With Aureus Medical Group, you can take up to 4 weeks off between assignments and keep all your health benefits. So carve out time for a worry-free week or two off between assignments and enjoy it your way. Maybe book a seaside getaway in a charming beach town, or plan the ultimate staycation and finally tackle that ever-growing to-do list! 

Part-time travel nursing gives you the time off to reset and refresh so you can be your very best for your patients. If you are experiencing mental or physical symptoms of burnout, workplace anxiety, or compassion fatigue, here are some helpful educational resources to help assess and seek help. 

Grow your Clinical Knowledge 

Part-time traveling can help you open personal and professional doors. Each new assignment is a chance to develop a new skill and expand your resume, and the flexible nature of part-time travel offers the opportunity to invest in yourself and take significant steps for the future. 

Broaden Your Skillsets

Traveling helps you build upon your clinical knowledge as you experience what it’s like to work in different acuity levels and facility types. Learn new technologies in urban facilities and strengthen your communication skills in rural communities. You’ll get the chance to work side by side with inspiring clinicians and see firsthand how different healthcare systems function across the country. (Which will look great on your resume!) 

Advance Your Education

Looking to advance your degree? Considering an additional certification in critical care, trauma, or neonatal resuscitation? Furthering your education is a testament to your dedication and expertise in your specialty. Flexible scheduling and time off can help you reach even higher or take that extra step in your education. Traveling gives you the time and space to pursue your career passions without sacrificing career security.

Expand Your Resume

Everything you learn on assignment adds to your ever-growing list of abilities! From soft skills, clinical skills, knowledge of protocols, state laws, and so on, your experiences help make you a well-rounded and attractive candidate for most jobs. As you’re assembling or updating your resume, don’t rule anything out that could help showcase your range of abilities and skills. Just be sure to follow best practices or resume do’s and don’ts!

Shake Things Up with a Part-Time Travel Career

Part-time travel nursing allows you to experience the rush of travel and the safety of career security at your own pace. You can choose what assignments you take, for how long, and when, which gives you the time and space to take healthy breaks or pursue professional advancement. Whatever your reasons or motivations behind a flexible career – part-time travel nursing can certainly help you get there.  
Are you ready to get started? Contact an Aureus Medical Group recruiter or start searching available job openings today!

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