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How Long Does It Take to Start Traveling with Aureus Medical?

From intake to housing arrangements, it can take anywhere from two to five weeks for a new traveler to start their very first travel assignment. There are so many factors that play into this timeline, and the more you travel, the quicker the process becomes. Seasoned Aureus Medical Group travelers have applied for an assignment, interviewed, and set up housing arrangements in as little as one day!

As you start to explore the process of traveling with Aureus Medical, it’s important to always communicate your anticipated travel timeline with your recruiter. Are you casually looking for an assignment? Are you on a strict, two-week timeframe? How fast or slow you want to take this process will also play into how quickly we can get you in our system and on the road. Your recruiter will always take your desired pace into account.

So, to help, here’s an estimated breakdown of how long it can take to start traveling with Aureus Medical!

Experience: 1-2 years

Before beginning any assignment with Aureus Medical, you must have at least one to two years of recent experience in your area specialty. This is to reassure facilities, permanent staff, and patients that your clinical skills have been tested and you can provide exceptional care starting on day one. Your clinical experience helps protect you and your license so you can focus on adapting to your new hospital campus, protocol, and systems while providing great patient care.

Agency Intake: 1-7 days

Once you meet the necessary experience requirements, contact an Aureus Medical recruiter to begin the onboarding process! You can do this by applying directly on the website, opening the quick chat feature on the home page, or, if you’ve already established contact, reaching out directly to your recruiter. 

Your recruiter will talk you through the entire intake process, but new travelers with the company must complete an online application and a skills checklist, submit a resume, and provide professional references. This intake process can take an average of one day to one week (or even longer), depending on how quickly you can complete the required assessments and how long it takes to hear back from references. 

The intake process is also a great time to get to know Aureus Medical and learn more about the comprehensive benefits package available to active travelers, like day-one insurance, free travel to and from assignments, and a $600 loyalty bonus for every 600 hours worked! 

Job Submittal: 1-5 days

Once you’ve completed the intake process, your recruiter will start to match you with available positions across the country, and you decide where you want to go! Be as vocal as you can about what you want in a location or facility so your recruiter can send job postings that interest you. Once you find an assignment that’s the perfect location, length, shift type, and pay for you, your recruiter will submit you for the job. 

The facility’s hiring manager will then review your profile and, in some cases, conduct an interview. Most are eager to hire quickly, but how fast or slow they extend an offer really depends. Your recruiter is your biggest supporter and will let you know as soon as they hear back from the facility. All in all, it could take from one to five days for the job submittal process. 

Onboarding: 10-15 days

By this point, you’ve accepted an offer and signed a contract – congratulations! Next, your recruiter must ensure you meet all the basic health and safety requirements for Aureus Medical, your new facility, and your new patients. This includes up-to-date vaccines, a physical, health screenings, verified education certifications, state licensing, and more. 

Your recruiter will set you up with a nearby placement specialist, who will coordinate your health screen appointments and cover all expenses. The placement specialist’s job is to ensure that you are compliant with your new facility, Aureus Medical, and state laws. While this happens, your recruiter will complete a background check and verify all education, work history, certifications, and licenses. There are so many moving pieces, so this process can take around ten to fifteen days as we wait for everything to come together. 

It sounds like a lot, but don’t worry! Your recruiter will walk you through every step, and the process will get easier (and much quicker) in the future. 

Secure Housing and Start Traveling: 1-14 days 

At this point, you’re ready to make travel arrangements and search for temporary housing! Your recruiter, the Aureus Medical website, or the Aureus Medical blog page are great resources for housing tips and discounts. Just the thought of it can be stressful, but as an Aureus Medical traveler, there are two ways you can secure housing:

  • The Aureus Medical housing team can find you secure, private, company-paid housing, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Nearby, pet-friendly, family-friendly, fully furnished –you name it– we will do our best to secure it for you. 
  • You secure your own housing. Some travelers prefer to take the Aureus Medical housing stipend and look for their own short-term accommodations through Airbnb, Vrbo, hotels, other rental companies, or their RV. This option gives you more control over where you’re staying and its accommodations. 

All that’s left to do now is pack up and go! 

It’s never too early to speak to a recruiter about starting an exciting new travel career. For over 35 years, Aureus Medical has been helping healthcare professionals gain experiences of a lifetime. We’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of your healthcare career, and we hope this guide helps you understand the timeline of traveling with Aureus Medical from intake to housing.

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