How Aureus Can Help You Further Your Education AND Travel

Whether you’re pursuing an additional degree or wanting to add to your certifications, there’s no reason you can’t continue traveling with Aureus Medical. In fact, we fully support the educational aspirations for all of our travel nursing, travel therapy, and allied health travelers!

So how do you balance travel assignments with furthering your education? First things first, talk to your recruiter openly and honestly about your education plans so they can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Whether your courses are online or seated, your recruiter can work with you to make sure you’re the best traveler for your placements, your patients, and yourself.

Why should I talk to my recruiter?

Is your degree or certification online? Your recruiter can help you plan little breaks in between contracts to focus on coursework. Maybe you need to plant your roots with a full-time position or stay in one region for a few months. It won’t be the easiest, but it’s not impossible! With ample notice, your recruiter may be able to string together multiple travel contracts in the region, but there’s no guarantee there won’t be some gaps in work. For these reasons, flexibility and keeping an open mind to the process is very important.

How can I be sure that there will always be assignments available?

While we have travel jobs available across the country and we do our best to connect you with the location of your choice, it’s possible that an assignment may not be available in your preferred destination at a particular time. But we work with healthcare providers nationwide, both large and small, so if you tell us where you want to be, we will work hard to help you get there! Here are some more helpful facts on travel assignments with Aureus Medical Group.

How far in advance should I discuss my education plans with my recruiter?

For average travel assignments, it can take anywhere from one to four weeks until you start on your first day. Since some of our hospitals and healthcare systems post open positions as many as five to six months in advance, the earlier your recruiter knows, the better. That way, they submit you for the job as soon as possible and help you secure your plans well in advance.

Does Aureus offer any benefits in continuing education?

We completely support your professional growth in healthcare! We offer some assistance programs to help you achieve your career goals, from covering the costs of state license fees to our loyalty bonus program to our continuing education credits program. Check out this Traveler Spotlight for a traveler’s perspective on going back to school with the help of Aureus Medical. 

Let Aureus Medical help you achieve your educational goals!

Furthering your education or pursuing specialization while traveling are great opportunities for career growth, but you may need some support. We promise to help get you where you want to go and take care of you along the way. Whether it’s an additional degree, license, or certification, we’ll support you at every turn of your journey! Contact your recruiter today so Aureus can help you get started on this next educational chapter.

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