Going Back to School: A Traveler’s Perspective

David C. is a Certified Surgical Technologist who has been traveling with Aureus Medical Group for almost a year. He has taken on two assignments with Aureus – one in Washington and the other in South Carolina. He extended both of those assignments multiple times.

Not only has David been able to experience amazing adventures through Aureus Medical, but he has also been able to go back to school and utilize Aureus Medical’s Live and Learn Program.  Through our Live & Learn Tuition Reimbursement Program, Aureus Medical covers the cost of tuition and books up to $12,000 per degree.  We asked David a few questions about his experience:

How long have you been utilizing the program?

I have been utilizing the Live and Learn program for two semesters now.

What are you going to school for?

I am going to school for my Bachelor’s with a nursing focus to become an RN.

Where are you going to school?  Is it all online?

I am currently attending all online classes at Florida Southwestern State College.

How has your experience been with the program?

So far I have had nothing but a great experience working and taking online classes at the same time.

What is the best part about going back to school while working with Aureus?

The best part about going back to school with Aureus is the feeling of having a company who has your back, not a company that just wants my business; they want to help me become a better person.

Find out more about the Live and Learn Program on the Aureus Medical website.

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