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Experience of a First Time Traveler

For those considering travel, it is always beneficial to hear from a new traveler on their experience as a first time traveler. Conni B. began traveling with Aureus last year and is currently on her second assignment. Learn more about her first experience in this Q &A!

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Safety on Assignment

Are you ready to hit the road again or starting your first travel assignment?  Your safety is very important to us! Here are some helpful tips to keep you physically and financially safe during your journey.

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Top Iowa Festivals

When you think of adventurous summer travel assignments, Iowa may not be the first state that comes to mind. However, the summer months are packed with music and art festivals, food and drink gatherings, fairs, and much more!

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Summer Plans on a Budget

Summer is here and maybe you are looking to take small break from classes or clinical rotations. Or, maybe you want to spend the summer celebrating graduation? It seems like everyone and their dog are going on fancy vacations all over, but school or a new job starting soon might be limiting your funds.

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