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Five Historic Pride Locations to Visit While Traveling

One of the exciting perks of travel nursing is the ability to visit amazing cities, parks, and monuments across the country. To help you celebrate Pride this year, we’ve assembled a handful of historic Pride landmarks and memorials across the U.S. that you can visit all year-long. So plan a road trip, a weekend getaway, or hop across town to discover, reflect, and celebrate the history that’s shaped the LGBTQIA+ community. From the East Coast to the West, here are five historic pride locations you can visit while traveling between Aureus Medical Group assignments. 

  1. Stonewall Monument: Manhattan, NY

New York City has many birthplace links to the LGBTQIA+ rights movement, particularly with the 1969 Stonewall Uprising. The Stonewall National Monument is dedicated to remembering this powerful moment for the LGBTQIA+ community. Located in Greenwich Village, visitors can come to the memorial year-round to pay respects, reflect, and celebrate inclusivity. 

While you’re there: 

Pride month in the big apple is truly one of a kind. Throughout June, the city hosts 50 amazing pride events that attract millions of visitors worldwide. Celebrations like the NYC Pride March, festivals, movie nights, and more are held all across the city in streets, parks, theaters, and clubs to celebrate Pride equality. Check it out if you’re on assignment in or near New York!

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  • Pulse Memorial: Orlando, FL 

The Pulse Memorial honors the victims that lost their lives at the Pulse nightclub shooting in June 2016. It is a sanctuary for remembrance and a tribute to the lives that were taken and victims who were wounded. Located in Orlando, visitors can sit and pay their respects to the victims, injured, first responders, and healthcare professionals that treated them.

While you’re there: 

Florida hosts some of the most colorful and inclusive Pride celebrations each year and is becoming a popular destination for people worldwide. Visitors can travel south from Orlando to celebrate with music, food, and art in vibrant Miami. Or travel further down to visit the Key West AIDS Memorial, where names are added each year to remember those who’ve lost the fight to AIDS.

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  • The Legacy Walk: Chicago, IL

At the heart of the Midwest sits The Legacy Walk, an internationally recognized installation of pride and enlightenment. This outdoor museum of LGBTQIA+ memorials celebrates the lives and contributions of 40 historical individuals who helped shape the Pride community. And the monument continues to evolve with new plaques rotated in each year. Located in the neighborhood of Lakeview, visitors can take a casual stroll or sign up for guided tours of this outdoor classroom.

While you’re there:

Pride month in the windy city is full of fun. Throughout the month, the city hosts lively pride events that attract thousands from all over the city and surrounding areas. Celebrations like the Chicago Pride Parade, Pride Fest, Pride in the Park, and more are held across the city to celebrate. If you’re on assignment in Chicago or near the city, events are all month long!

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  • Never Look Away: Portland, OR

Oregon’s first and only LGBTQIA+ mural, Never Look Away, colorfully celebrates eight modern pioneers of the Pride community. The 120ft mural took five years to conceptualize and complete and was officially dedicated in August 2021. It is a work of art meant to educate visitors on the beauty and struggle that has shaped LGBTQIA+ activism today.

While you’re there:

There are lots of ways to help encourage and celebrate diversity all over the Pacific Northwest. From festivals and concerts to 5ks and sports events. For an event near you, you can check out the Pride Northwest website for a list of their upcoming events and programs.

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  • Black Cat: Los Angeles, CA

The Black Cat Tavern was the site for one of the country’s most peaceful, organized LGBTQIA+ protests in the 60’s. Following a targeted raid on gay patrons in 1966, hundreds of citizens attended a civil demonstration the following year to take a stand. The historic-cultural monument remains a restaurant and bar, and visitors can stop in for a brew and reflect on its history displayed inside.

While you’re there: 

Many California cities host amazing Pride celebrations each year, and the state is a popular Pride destination for people all over the world. Visitors can travel south from Los Angeles to attend lively festivals and parades in San Diego. Or take a weekend trip up to San Francisco to celebrate events like Pride Movie Night, Pride Expo, and visit the Harvey Milk Plaza. If you’re on assignment in or near California, you might want to check out one of these cities!

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Celebrating Pride is about uplifting our LGBTIQA+ friends and allies while also honoring those who lost their lives (and those who continue the fight) in pursuit of inclusivity. You can show support in many ways; by attending a parade, volunteering, supporting brands and businesses, and by being an ally year-round. We hope this list inspires you to hit the road and explore these (and more) great historical places during your next Aureus travel assignment!

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