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Celebrating Juneteenth!

June 19th has been a day of remembrance and reflection for over 155 years, and in 2021 was officially declared a federal holiday. Juneteenth celebrates the day enslaved Americans first learned that slavery ended, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was declared in 1863. Communities, schools, and businesses across the country come together to listen, learn, and spread awareness of the past and present issues facing the Black community.

Ways You Can Show Juneteenth Support

As a travel nurse, there are so many ways you can show your support. Whether you’re en route to a new travel assignment, taking some much-needed time off, or in-between shifts, here are a few great ways to immerse yourself into Juneteenth awareness efforts, advocate, or be an ally all year long.

  • Attend a Parade or Event

Juneteenth celebrations can last a day, a week, or all month long in some cities. Try checking community Facebook pages or city websites for a calendar of events near you– and show up!

  • Volunteer or Donate

If you have some spare time or want to make a financial contribution, consider donating! Every bit of support counts, whether it’s your time or money.   

  • Purchase from Black-Owned Brands and Businesses

Consider making your next purchase from a Black-owned brand or business! Seek out authors, movies, and products online, or support one (or all!) of the many Black-owned businesses in your area. 

  • Seek to Self-Educate

There are so many fantastic resources out there that can help you self-educate to become a better ally for the Black community. There are opportunities to self-educate all around you, from informational podcasts, books, community events, and educational videos.

  • Spread Awareness and Support

June isn’t the only time of the year to advocate. Find ways to continue the conversation all year long! Share your story or reach out to friends when they share theirs, or donate or volunteer at organizations serving the Black community. There are opportunities to continue the conversation long after June events end.

In our celebrations, it’s important to acknowledge our country’s history with slavery while we lift up and appreciate the cultural contributions of our Black friends and allies. Aureus Medical Group is proud to recognize this holiday and contribute to education efforts for our travel nurses and clinicians.

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