How to Keep Your Pets Entertained While on a Travel Contract

By Michaela DicksonSocial Media Recruiter, Aureus Medical

Whether it’s a quick walk to the mailbox or a 15-minute grocery store run, we never like to leave our pets behind. Luckily, traveling with Aureus Medical means you can take your best friends with you on your travel contract. But if you’re worried about your fur babies or just missing their faces while at work, there are a few solutions that can help give you peace of mind.

  1. Look into local Doggy/Pet daycares – Search online for the top-rated pet daycare locations near your housing or facility that you will be working. That way, you can easily pick up and drop off your pet(s) before or after your shift. Pet daycares are a popular service, so try to book as far out in advance as you can.
  1. Local Pet Sitting services – Search different service websites or apps to find a local pet sitter who can spend time with your pet(s) or check in with them while you are at work. There are so many experienced, vetted pet sitters on sites like Wag, Petsitter, and Rover, there will surely be an option that fits your needs.
  1. Pet Cameras – Pet cameras are a popular option because you get to check in on your furry friend throughout the day. Whether your furry friend is a senior, a rambunctious teen, or still a baby, a quality pet camera will allow you to see your pet throughout your shift and give you peace of mind knowing they are okay. Some brands, like Furbo, also dispense treats and provide 2-way communication!

While on a travel nurse assignment in a new area, research some activities you can do with your pet during your time off from work. There could be a nearby bark park or unique local pet stores to visit that you wouldn’t find at home. Going somewhere new can be a little frightening at first; that’s why you need your furry loved ones with you to help you feel right at home!

Send me a message today for more information on how you and your furry companions can get started with Aureus Medical! On top of competitive assignments and pet-friendly housing options, Aureus Medical travel nurses also receive day 1 insurance and referral bonuses!

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