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A traveler working with multiple agencies: A recruiter’s perspective

I often see travelers and recruiters debate on whether it’s okay to work with multiple agencies. Some travelers say that their recruiters get frustrated with them if they start looking for other agencies.  Some travelers say it is necessary to work with multiple agencies and recruiters. So what do you do as a traveler?! As a recruiter, here is my take on it and some tips to help you work with multiple agencies.

It is OKAY to work with multiple agencies

The best recruiters, in my mind, get sad if you go to another company, but aren’t mad at you. They stick with you and continue that relationship even if you are not traveling with them. We realize that working with multiple agencies gives YOU an advantage to get YOUR dream job because different agencies can work with different hospitals.


Working with multiple agencies can get HECTIC. There can be some confusion on which recruiter is with company, what jobs they have you sent out to and so much more! My best advice is to find your top two agencies that you love. Make an excel document with all the places you have been sent out to for each individual agency. Being organized can keep you from being double submitted to jobs which can lead to you losing the opportunity for an interview!


Once you are organized with each submission, communicate with your recruiters, whether it’s a text, call or email about where you are sent out to and with which company. This may seem like a tedious task, however it will help prevent double submissions, and save time with your job search process therefor making it more efficient! As a recruiter, if I know where you are sent out to, I will update that on my end so I will not pitch you the same job that you have already heard from a different recruiter!

Working with multiple agencies can be amazing for your job search but make sure to do it with good organization and communication. This will help you get closer and closer to your dream assignment! What advice would you give a traveler who wants to work with multiple agencies? Comment below!

Travis Simonin is a Social Media Recruiter for the Nursing and Therapy divisions at Aureus Medical Group.


  1. I personally believe that this is important. Here’s why, if I get to an assignment, and something happens that delays my start date, still waiting on drug test results, or titer lab results, I am still paying for my housing out of my pocket til I get my 1st paycheck. So if I have a prn per diem gig set up for the area I am in, then the $$$ I have saved and started to utilize til my paycheck hits my account, can be replenished, and I don’t have to spend down my savings account to a zero balance.

  2. I work with multiple agencies. I found out that I have been submitted to the same hospital by multiple agencies. I don’t see a problem with this. Just as working with multiple agencies offers me more variety and opportunity, it allows hospitals the same with whatever contract is negotiated with the agency they choose. Why would being double submitted lead to losing the opportunity for an interview??

  3. I love this topic Aureus! And appreciate the progressive stance you’ve taken with it. Many agencies are cautious to talk about this topic and I see the confidence you all have on it refreshing and attractive as a travel nurse. And as a traveler that works with multiple agencies I want to echo the importance of staying organized and transparent with your recruiters. They put in a lot of work on their end so getting things to them in a clear and organized manor as well as keeping them in the loop on your plans will avoid a ton of wasted time for everyone. Great read Aureus!

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