What Can You Expect From Your Aureus Recruiter?

So many times I talk to my travelers and we discuss fun things, such as concerts, family, and hanging out with friends. While you are on the road, a recruiter can be your link to a solid base of information. From the first-time traveler to an experienced pro, we can be a great lifeline for you. You may travel for three months or 10 years. The length does not matter to us; it only matters what we can do for you during that time to make it the best time.

I have a team of great people I work with and I feel we are great at what we do. We go above and beyond to ask the next question, the question that will bring us insight as to who you are. Our teams take the time to listen and set ourselves apart from the others.

We don’t listen just to answer, but listen to hear and absorb. Our recruiters want to know what you are doing today, this weekend, and in the next three years. This helps us suggest what the best contract would be for you and your lifestyle. We want to hear your joy from working on the floor and love hearing how happy you are with the area and the new adventures you are encountering.

The joy I see in the pics people send me make all of the difference. I know that I was able to get them a contract and make a difference in the life of my traveler. That means the world to me. So the next time you talk to your recruiter, remember that we can’t wait to help you shape your next great story.

Ted Anderson is a Team Lead for the Nursing division of Aureus Medical Group

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  1. I am very interested in your company. Would like to know more about scheduling, benefits, housing AND of course pay.
    Please contact me.

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