Travel assignments: How to pick a location

With travel assignments available across the nation, how will you decide where to go? Throughout my experience recruiting, I’ve noticed a lot of different ways candidates select a location. I wanted to offer three quick things to think about as you’re choosing where to accept a travel assignment.

Where are the job openings for your specialty?

There’s a misconception with those who are unfamiliar with travel that there’s an assignment available in every location at all times. This isn’t the case, even for the most in-demand specialties. Assignment openings in certain locations can be seasonal or virtually nonexistent. One of the things you can do while preparing for healthcare travel is to talk with a recruiter and begin to learn where job openings appear most commonly for your specialty.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

You’ll have more assignment openings to choose from when you’re open to a variety of locations. Consider what you currently like doing in your free time or might enjoy doing based on what an area offers. I’d also encourage you to think outside of the box here.  Our country has a lot to offer – travel assignments allow you to explore it while earning a great income!

Where do you have family and friends?

Traveling can get lonely at times. Think about where you have loved ones located take an assignment near them for extra company!

Are you ready to talk about available assignment openings? Reach out to me today!

Katie Lutmer is a Social Media Recruiter for the Cardio and Imaging divisions of Aureus Medical Group


  1. When will Alabama nurses be able to travel outside their state for contracts in the nursing field?

  2. Hi Sarah- Alabama is a pending compact licensure state, but if you want to get your start traveling in the meantime you’re welcome to apply for licenses outside your home state. Karina Conti is an awesome resource for RNs who are interested in traveling and can help answer more of your questions. Here’s her contact info: kconti@aureusmedical.com and 402-891-1118 x6167 Best wishes!

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