Travel can make you homesick, but it doesn’t have to!

A travel career within the medical field can get to be lonely at times, often leaving you feeling homesick, especially in the beginning. Yes, you have the business of your new assignment to get your mind off the loneliness during the day, but what happens when you get back to your new apartment?  That time alone, in your new apartment, in a new town surrounded by strangers can feel isolating. By the time it begins to feel like home, it is time to move on to your next travel assignment. As life goes on and you continue to travel, you get used to it and end up loving it as you are constantly discovering the towns that you’re working in! To eliminate the early stages of being homesick when you first start traveling, here are some ideas to help make your assignment living arrangements feel like home.

Bring a piece of home.

One of the things I like to do while traveling is bring pictures of me with my family and friends. These photos always take me down memory lane, leaving me feel warm and loved.  This might not be everyone’s first choice, but maybe you have a favorite piece of art or picture you took while exploring the world with someone who means a lot to you. If these pictures or art pieces make you feel at home, BRING THEM. Hang them up in your living space or bedroom. Seeing these pictures every day helps you relax in the temporary home of yours.

Eat some comfort food.

Another thing I always do is prepare my favorite home cooked meals for dinner. Even if you aren’t a world renowned chef, this would be the perfect time to practice. I love to make an evening out of it and have a movie marathon, binging on my favorite movies. Nothing makes me feel more at home like cozying up on the couch with my favorite blanket and home cooked meal while watching my favorite movies.

Keep up your routines.

Even though you are leaving behind your home, you don’t need to leave behind your routines and hobbies. Having a routine and hobby brings you joy and happiness and reduces stress and nervousness. Whether you enjoy lifting weights or doing some retail therapy, always remember to make time to do the things that bring you joy. When I’m away from home, I always make time to go for a run outside if I can. It is a great way for me to learn my new surroundings while staying active. Taking these activities with you while on assignment will make it feel like you never left, and will help you cope with the stresses of travel.

I know you soon-to-be graduates can be intimidated by traveling and it’s never easy to be away from home at first.  However, be adventurous and brave. Do something you have never done before. Step outside of your comfort zone. If you get homesick or don’t feel at home in your assignment housing, try using these tips to guide you.

Kenny Hanten is a Student Outreach Coordinator for the Student Outreach team at Aureus Medical Group


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