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Using travel occupational therapy to treat addiction

If you're looking for travel therapy jobs that suit your interests, consider an occupational approach to treating addiction. Here's what that looks like.

Is triage nursing the right travel nurse position for you?


A travel nurse’s guide to the myths and facts of caffeine

In honor of National Caffeine Awareness Month, here are the truths and lies regarding the stimulant a travel nurse may encounter.

Travel therapy and telehealth: A match made in medicine

Just what is this telehealth and how can it affect travel therapy providers? Let's find out.

A travel nurse’s experience working in a Skilled Nursing Facility

Working in a skilled nursing facility is a great opportunity for travel nurses who enjoy the day-to-day interaction with patients. One nurse shares her experience.

Famous African-American nurses for travel nursing inspiration

In celebration of African-American History Month, we highlight some of the brilliant African-American nurses who have helped the healthcare industry get to where it is today.

5 books people in travel therapy should read

In celebration of Library Lovers' Month, here are five books that everyone in the physical therapy industry should read.

What you should know about cath lab travel nursing

Nurses with years of experience may be interested in the lifestyle that travel nursing offers but looking for a more challenging experience than they've had in the past.