Top Apps for Travel Healthcare

Hey travelers! Travel healthcare can be quite an adventure within itself. Although going to different cities and states can be overwhelming, there are resources out there that can help ease each transition. Here are some top websites/apps that might be a beneficial resource to you as you experience the adventure of travel healthcare!

Travel Tax

This website can be a traveler’s best friend, especially if you are not well aware of taxes while you travel! Obviously we are not all tax experts, but this website is run by a Travel Tax expert who answers frequently asked questions and posts scenarios that can help educate travelers on travel taxes.

Paycheck City

Paycheck City is a website where you can find out how much money goes into your pocket and how much money goes into taxes. This can be beneficial before an assignment to see how much you make before and after taxes. You can also adjust how much you claim on your taxes to see how that affects your income and you can see the differences in income if you travel to different states!


Do you travel with a lot of items? Give this app a try so you can get help to move into your temporary housing! This app gives you the opportunity to hire help by the hour and make moving less stressful!


This app is known as the “Ultimate U.S. Travel Companion”. This can be beneficial to you as a traveler especially when going to a new city/state and want to find something nearby that you might enjoy! You can find the best places to eat, fun attractions, scenic locations, and much more!

HappyHour Finder

Do I need to explain this one? Remember, happy hours have great drink prices AND food prices! You deserve some TLC after your shifts!


This app locates the cheapest gas prices near your location. Instead of driving around trying to find the best deal, find it in seconds so you can save money!

Give these apps a try to help ease your trip and make your travel experience one that you will never forget. If you have an app that you love and has made your travel experiences that much better, leave a comment below!

Travis Simonin is a Social Media Recruiter for Aureus Medical Group.

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