The Best Date To Start Your New Year’s Assignment

By Ty Ottoson, Social Media Nursing Recruiter, Aureus Medical

As 2022 comes to a close, many travelers are looking to start their next assignment after the new year so they can spend the holidays with family and friends. Having worked with many Aureus Medical travelers in the healthcare staffing industry, I’ll share the best date to start an assignment in the New Year and some tips to think about before committing to that date. These are important to make sure you get the perfect assignment for you.

When should I start a travel nursing assignment in the new year?

The best time to start your assignment is actually the Monday before the new year! This year that’s December 27. This way, you have the opportunity to spend the holiday season with your family and friends, but you can still beat the January job rush. There are many great ways to navigate the holidays as a traveler, and it starts with setting a date and making a plan.

Why not start my travel nursing assignment after the first of the year?

If you’re thinking about starting after the new year, you’re alongside hundreds of other travelers wanting to do the exact same thing! The competition you’ll be up against will be much greater than if you started before the new year or even if you signed a contract before the new year that starts after the new year begins. Also, by the time the facilities filter through all the applicants, it can be weeks before you are interviewing and starting the position.

How do I make sure I start my next travel nursing contract at the right time?

Get in contact with your recruiter ASAP to start filling out all your prequalification items. Get those finished right now, so that you’ll be the first in line for those open positions as soon as agencies start seeing late December and early January starts!

Seeking a new travel nursing job at the beginning of the year can be stressful when you’re trying to compete with double the number of applicants than any other time in the year. And remember, even if you don’t want to start working until the new year, you can still prepare and beat the rush by signing a contract in December for a January start.

If you’d like to beat the crowd and get on assignment or sign a new contract before the New Year, please reach out to us today — we would love to help you out!

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