Make a Plan to Navigate the Holidays as a Traveler

By Jeff West, Nursing Regional Manager, Aureus Medical

The winter holiday season is an important time to get together with friends and family. But at the same time, hospitals and medical facilities don’t close on holidays — babies are born, accidents happen, people get sick and need essential treatment. As a travel medical worker, it’s important to plan ahead of time before accepting a contract during the holidays, and that time to plan is right now! So, read on for some tips to help you celebrate the season with your friends and family, but also help hospitals during the holidays!

Secure Your RTO

When you go into an interview, come prepared with any requested time off (RTO) you’d like to secure so that you’re ready to ask about it and get approved in the interview. And always make sure it’s specified in your contract!

Aim for a Late-Fall Start

Take an assignment early — meaning, accept a job now for October, November, or December starts. The earlier you can get a job that spans over the holidays, the more likely your RTO will be approved. Hospitals can only grant so much time off over the holidays, so if you are late to the game you may not get the RTO you want.

Avoid the January Rush

On that same note, do your best to secure a contract that spans through the holidays and into the new year. Ending a job in mid-December and starting another in January can be tough primarily due to January new start volumes, clinics being delayed and closed for onboarding, and other such factors. The January job market is very competitive, whereas getting a job with a November or December start may have less applicants due to others wanting to take time off and looking for January starts.

Be Flexible 

Make yourself available to work two of the three major winter holidays. You may not work any, you may work two, but making yourself available and flexible helps you get the job you want with the RTO you requested as well.

Celebrate on Off-holiday Weekends

Flights can be very expensive around the holidays, but if you’re celebrating with family and friends on off-weekends travel can be much cheaper. Plus, that way you can make yourself available to work at the hospital during the actual holiday — and with that you can get paid holiday pay as well.

We hope these tips help you make a plan to navigate the holidays as a traveler. Whatever and whenever you celebrate, these tips should come in handy and we hope this helps you with your next travel adventure. Apply now or contact our team today to discuss your late-fall/winter job opportunities. Good luck!

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