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5 tips to stay healthy while on assignment

Traveling is amazing! You get to explore new places and meet new people! What is not to love? When exploring new parts of the country, your health tends to get placed on the back burner. You are eating so many new foods, seeing every tourist location, and working 36-40 hours a week. And despite all the fun you may be having, you start to feel just…. BLAH.  Here are five simple tips to stay healthy and energized while on assignment!

  1. Sleep!

The most important thing when traveling is getting a good amount of sleep! A working vacation can take a toll on your body. Your body needs rest and rejuvenation. How much sleep is recommended? Find an appropriate number of hours that works for you. Some people feel great after just six hours of sleep and some do not. Listen to your body and find a good amount of time where you can feel rested the next day.

  1. Don’t have a gym? That is okay!

SAY IT WITH ME! You do not have to be a member of a gym to be healthy. If you want kill two birds with one stone, hiking is the number one way to get exercise and explore new areas of your home for the next 13 weeks. If you are not much of a nature person (or in a place where there are not many hiking opportunities) try walking. Before you go out, map out how far your destination is. If you feel like you can walk it, DO IT. Even if you do not want to, think back to all the times you were active. Can you name a time where you regretted working out? I know I have not!

  1. Be phoneless for a few hours!

How long do you think you are on your phone throughout the day? For me, it is definitely a few hours. Thinking back on that, I think about all the adventures I missed out on. Not having a phone for a few hours can give you a mental break and give you time to try new things.

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Water is one of the essentials to living. Sip on water throughout the day. There are so many benefits to drinking water. These include:

  • Lubricates the joints
  • Delivers oxygen throughout the body
  • Boosts skin health
  • Helps your digestive system
  • Helps maintain blood pressure
  1. Find balance with your social life!

Extrovert or introvert – humans are meant for relationships. Meeting new people and making new friends are one of the top reasons people travel. But sometimes, alone time is key. Having alone time can help clear your mind and it allows you to go at your own pace. Find a balance that works for you.

Let’s be honest, these are five simple health conscious tips that you can do anytime to stay healthy. However, it can be easy for your health to go to the wayside when traveling.  Being healthy, both physically and mentally, will help you enjoy your working vacation experience. Be sure to follow these tips and comment below if there is anything that you would add to this list. Happy traveling!

Travis Simonin is a Social Media Recruiter for Aureus Medical Group

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