Securing Your Assignments Early

There are so many times my travelers and I discuss when to secure an early assignment or extension. I feel that planning ahead and having that discussion is so important in the traveler-recruiter relationship. With today’s market of managed service providers and blind submissions, securing placements can take more effort compared to the previous four years.

To prepare for this market you will need to talk to your recruiter. Do this regularly. Things to discuss are pay, start date, time off, shift, location, etc.  If you have these items nailed down you can move more quickly through your options and find your next position. This organized behavior will help get that early assignment.

Now that the “how” has been briefly talked about, let’s talk about the why. Preparation will potentially put more money in your pocket. When you look and lock in early, you will have less work gaps during the year. Think about it – you can use your time off for planned vacations rather than unexpected time between assignments. Or worse, being pushed back due to compliance issues on a quick start for an assignment.

Travelers get ahead by keeping their weeks busy and building toward the coveted vacation time. It is more relaxing to have things prepared and prevent potential difficulties.

Ted Anderson is a Team Lead for the Nursing division of Aureus Medical Group.

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  1. I am looking for a travel RN for the ED here at our hospital, beginning the week after Christmas.

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