The Perks to Traveling: The Friends You’ll Meet

It’s true when they say that you’ll meet friends for life when you take the leap to travel. In a time where so much is new – your job, the state you’re in, etc., it can be intimidating to meet new people in an unfamiliar place, but rest assured that if you are friendly and approachable, people will be more than happy to get to know you. Consider these tips when making friends and building relationships while on assignment.

Push yourself to build professional and personal relationships with the hospital staff.

The best thing you can do to make friends in a new location is be open to doing things with your coworkers. You may not want to limit all your friends to coworkers, but it’s a great place to start. You’ll already become acquainted through your day-to-day work, so don’t be afraid to ask them about “must-see” locations and tourist destinations and to tag along on your adventures. Making friends occurs naturally over time to most, but jump start the process by introducing yourself and taking the initiative to get to know them as a person, not just a coworker. Never pass up on an invitation to grab coffee or dinner after a shift, though you may be tired or aren’t in the mood, you’ll thank yourself for the memories and friends you’ve made at each stop in your journey.

Seek out other travelers.

These are the friends you’ll never lose touch with. If you’re working at a hospital as a traveler, ask around and befriend other travelers. If they’re new, then they are likely experiencing the same roller coaster of emotions you are. Connect with other travelers and suggest getting together to explore the city or get involved in the community you’re in. Although your time together as travelers may be temporary, it is important to maintain these relationships. Exchange contact information and find one another on social networking sites to stay in touch. You’ll be amazed by your network of travel friends, even after just a few assignments.

Leverage social media.

If you’re on social media, join your travel company’s social media groups, along with public groups. Post and watch comments to connect with other travelers who may be assigned to the same city or facility. Who knows, you might be off to the same location and have an entire itinerary planned before you even get there!

If you’re feeling bold, post and ask for social referrals. Let family and friends know you’ll be in a new city for the next few months. You’d love to take suggestions on places to visit and maybe even connect with any friends they may know there.

Who is the one person or facility that made your healthcare travel experience all the more better? Share this blog with them and tell them they’re appreciated!

Chase Ahlers is a Social Media Recruiter for the Med Lab division of Aureus Medical Group.

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