How to Make the Most of Your Travels to a New City

One of the perks of our jobs as Student Outreach Coordinators is to travel around the country to meet students. While the travel brings us to new areas, there are times when we are in a city for less than a day. I started thinking mid travel season that I needed to take advantage of this adventure and really start exploring the cities we visit. How do you make the most of the city you’re in when you’re only there for a short amount of time? Here are some tips to getting the most out of a career in traveling!

Let Google Be Your Guide
I can’t say enough on the amount of Google searches I’ve completed before taking off for a new city. While I’m a foodie at heart, my usual search begins with ‘Best Place To Eat In…’ and I go from there. There are some great websites out there that encompass both dining and exploring in new cities. When my travel is under a time crunch, I focus my search on a fun neighborhood. I can get my local meal in and might be able to walk a couple blocks and do some mini exploring. Don’t count out the simple searches!

Tune Into a Local
How would you describe your city to a traveler? Do you have your go-to’s to suggest? Before my co-workers and I traveled to Miami, I had an entire itinerary planned per my Google search (see above). The second we got in our taxi it was all thrown out the window. We listened to the locals and asked their opinions on where to eat, shop, and explore. We got a feel for neighborhoods we may not have ventured to, and this made all the difference in our stay. Let the locals brag about their favorite parts of their city, and you may just fall for it too!

Dive into a Tour, No Matter How Cheesy
I myself have taken part of these tours and felt slightly embarrassed at how ‘touristy’ I was being. However, when you’re exploring a city in a short amount of time, these quick tours might be just what you need! Think outside the box and look up food tours, nightlife tours, or nature tours. You could sample multiple local restaurants in a matter of hours without having to do all the research or breaking the bank. I suggest planning one at the beginning of your trip, noting your favorite stops, then returning to really dive into the area.

Get Techy
Use technology to your advantage when you’re out exploring! With hundreds of thousands of apps out in the world, there are some great options for those on the go. Apps for adventure, apps for dining, apps for fitness classes, the list could go on and on. Downloading an app to assist in your exploration, especially when in a city for more than a couple days, can help cut down on research time. Narrow down an activity you’d most be interested in, and see what you can find in the app world!

If you’ve found yourself in a career that allows you to hop from state to state or you just have the travel bug, take some time to dive into the culture, scenery, and local foods. You won’t be disappointed as you add to your adventures in each new city! As you explore, don’t forget to pass along your recommendations to those of us that are in search of new experiences!

Madeline-LandstromMaddie Landstrom joined Aureus Medical Group in May 2016 as a Student Outreach Coordinator for both Nursing and Therapy. She enjoys working with students and helping them reach their career goals! As a self proclaimed ‘foodie’, Maddie is always seeking out local dives and amazing eats in her travels across the country. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, shopping and planning her next vacation.


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