Housing Option for Travelers: Airbnb

Housing is always one of the struggles new travelers and experienced travelers have but Airbnb is making things a lot easier! Before Airbnb, travelers always had to book an apartment or an extended stay hotel. This app has been helping with a lot of that headache. We have been seeing such an increase in more people putting their homes on Airbnb that it has provided more options in a lot of those remote areas.

One tip I like to give my travelers when looking on Airbnb is to message the owner to see if they will do a monthly rate over the daily rate. I have had several travelers see success when doing this. The daily rate can add up and be way over budget but more than likely they will give you a deal knowing you will be there long term.

Another great perk of using Airbnb is that most of them are pet friendly and may even welcome large pets. I know that has been a struggle for some travelers. A lot of apartments have several rules about the size of a pet and several fees that accompany having the pet.

One of the biggest advantages of Airbnb is that you get more of an at-home feel. You also get much more space and usually your own laundry room versus using a shared facility in a hotel. Another great advantage is free Wi- Fi!

Airbnb has made it so housing is not such a big worry in the travel world and really does provide unique options for your 13-week position.

Becci Schimming is a Team Lead for the Rehab Therapy division of Aureus Medical Group.


  1. I AGREE. AIRBNB was wonderful on my last assignment. I was in a hotel that served buffet breakfast in the morning and cookies at night but I was really happy to get in a room with kitchen privileges. I didn’t have to concentrate what would fit in the mini fridge and microwave. I was in a nice hotel but my small room and shared bath was so much more comfortable.

  2. We have housing nearby 3 hospitals. We LOVE travel professionals. Our preference over typical travelers into the area. Travel nurses staying in out aribnb give us peace of mind we have more of quality person staying who is less likely to damage our home. WE LOVE TRAVEL NURSES lol.

    Please feel free to reach out ahead of time for extended stays! Discounted pricing! =)

    Kyle Z W Olive Place Scranton PA shortstayleasing.co@gmail.com


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