Experience of a First Time Traveler

For those considering travel, it is always beneficial to hear from a new traveler on their experience as a first time traveler. Conni B. began traveling with Aureus last year and is currently on her second assignment. Learn more about her first experience in this Q &A!

How was your first assignment?

first time traveler
Connie B. (left) with another fellow traveler, Ruby K.

My first assignment was in New Orleans and what I remember initially was being very selective with where I would be sent to be considered. My recruiter took the time to understand my experience and comfort levels with protocols, scans performed, facility size, etc. We did this to be sure I was a match for assignments and be successful for my first assignment. It wasn’t about the location, but the experience fit. I can’t stress how important that is.

One recommendation I would give to a first time traveler is to get to your location a few days early. Visit the hospital to know where you’re going on your first day, find local places like the grocery store, and get to know your new environment.

How did you decide which company to work with?

I was talking to a lot of companies, at least four or five and was referred to my Aureus recruiter by a former coworker. I could tell my Aureus recruiter had my best interests in mind and chose to work with her. What I’ve also experienced with Aureus is that they have a vetting process to provide superior housing. Also, they have a lot of openings and if a contract is unexpectedly canceled they work hard to find another assignment for you. There is reliability with Aureus. I continue to send referrals to my recruiter and don’t intend to leave Aureus.

Now that you are on your second Aureus assignment, is there anything you are doing differently?

What I have learned the second time around is you aren’t expected to know everything right away. I tell fellow travelers not dive straight in. Work with the current staff to learn their procedures and processes. Also, keep in mind you are there to help the hospital and staff, help when you are needed.

What’s been your favorite experience so far?

It has to be the friends I have made. There is something different about being out there and meeting people who are having the same experiences you are. You meet people with similar interests and there is an instant camaraderie. You can go a long time without seeing some of them but when you connect it feels like yesterday.

What would recommend to a first time traveler?

Partner closely with your recruiter and be honest about your skill set for that first assignment. Work to create a team with the current staff, learn from them, and you will have a great experience. When you are out there, get to know the area and the people. Go to places regularly so it is more familiar. This could be a coffee shop, shopping area, restaurants. Whatever it is you like to do in your spare time. Once locals see you regularly they will get you know you, invite to activities, and you will feel at home.

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