Top physical therapy publications to consider subscribing to

As a physical therapist, keeping up on your professional reading can be a great benefit. The latest medical treatments, procedures and technologies are often discussed and dissected by peers and industry experts to provide you with reliable industry news.

Here are four publications you may want to consider:

1.  Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association – Titled "Physical Therapy," this journal is considered a leading international publication on the field of physical therapy and related specialties. According to the publication's website, the content is geared toward medical professionals, clinicians and scientists and delivers news about the recent innovations and practices being developed. As a top physical therapy journal, it ranked as number seven among all 58 separate rehabilitation publications currently on the market. All items printed in the journal have undergone a full peer review, copy editing, typesetting and proofreading.

2. Advance for Physical Therapists and Rehab Medicine – This publication is a national bi-weekly magazine that is read by more than 93,000 physical therapists, directors of rehab centers, private practice owners, educators and senior students looking for an edge in the industry. It is an independent publication and covers topics about the latest research, reimbursement practices, political and clinical news impacting the industry and various other subjects.

3. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation – If you're a physical therapist that sees many sports injuries or even one that specializes in sports medicine, it may be a good idea to check out the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. The journal makes sure to cover topics about various sport and exercise injuries that may impact a person at any age, level of fitness, health status, sport ability or gender. The periodical is a trusted and reliable source for the latest news and research entering the industry.

4. The American Journal of Sport Medicine – Since 1972, this peer-reviewed journal has been providing readers with the latest scientific research about orthopedic sports medicine. The publication is geared toward orthopedic surgeons and specialists, sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers, team physicians and physical therapists. As a result, the articles included in the official publication allow for industry professionals to make decisions based on sound scientific information that has been reviewed by leading field experts.