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2020 Fall Bucket List

Fall is my favorite time of year and as we inch closer to leaving behind a challenging year, I’m determined to make it great. Some of my favorite activities that take place during autumn have been canceled so I’ve made a fall bucket list with a few things that’ll still help make the most of the season. I hope you’re able to use my ideas or at least find inspiration to create your own fall bucket list!  

Bike Rides

I’m an outdoor enthusiast – even in the heat and humidity of our Omaha summers.  I realize that’s not the case for some, including most of my friends and family. Since fall brings mild temps I’m able to spend time outside enjoying the activities I love with others. I call it a win-win!

One activity my husband, kids, and I all enjoy is riding bikes. There are local bike trails that we’ll ride throughout the fall. We found some of them through a Facebook group. If you’re on a travel assignment in a new city this fall or even a place you’ve lived for years, Facebook can be a great way to gain new info that helps you connect further with a hobby. So as the leaves start changing colors, I encourage you to find time for yourself and pick up a new hobby or continue with one you already love!


While some people eat to live, I fall into the category of someone who lives to eat! Are you with me? There are certain things I especially love to eat during specific seasons and during the fall a fresh warm s’more is definitely on my list. Cool crisp air with friends and family gathered around a campfire makes for a great fall evening. Depending on your location or if you’re on a travel assignment, a campfire may not be feasible. An alternative to a fire could be using a Sterno can to roast your mallows. You’ll still have a great evening without your clothes and hair smelling like a fire at the end of the night. Cheers to that!

Road Trip

Typically we take a family vacation in the summer but that didn’t happen this year. Now we’re going a little stir crazy. To help give us something to look forward to this fall, we’re planning a family road trip to explore somewhere we’ve never been. You can take this idea of planning something for the future and make it fit whatever is happening in your own life. If you’re starting your first assignment this fall, set up something you’d like to do while you’re there. Perhaps you’re counting down the days until the end of your assignment because you plan to take a break for the holidays. What will you look forward to during that time off?  Having plans set up for future dates can bring excitement to the days we’re living in now.

Now that you’ve heard what’s on my fall bucket list, I want to hear about what’s on yours. Drop a comment below!

Katie Lutmer is an Account Manager with the Imaging division at Aureus Medical Group.

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