Tips for the 1st Time Traveler

Extra pair of scrubs….check.   Directions to apartment and hospital…check.  Important phone numbers….check.  Positive attitude…..check.  Stress of the unknown……..not checked????


The first travel assignment can be both exciting and stressful. Picking up and moving to a different city or state for 3 months can be quite a change for most people. Here are some things to consider that might make your first assignment more enjoyable.


Unless you are a person that has done a lot of traveling in the past, you might consider taking an assignment that is close to home – maybe only several hours or a day’s drive away. That way if you find that you need to go back home several times throughout the assignment, you’ll at least have that option. 


During the interview process make sure you get all of YOUR questions answered so that you know for sure the position is right for you.


Make sure that all of the important people in your life are on board and supportive of your decision to take a travel assignment. The stress levels can really increase when you are about to leave and they are not supportive of your decision. 


Choose a location where you have family and friends so that you have a support group there in case you need to lean on them from time to time.  Research the area prior to taking the assignment so that there are plenty of things to do and see on your days off.


Flexibility – it’s probably the most important aspect of being a successful traveler. Realize that being flexible with things such as your schedule and shifts is very important.  The hospital is depending upon you to help them when and where they need the help. If you are not flexible you will feel the stress levels rise. 


Finally, HAVE FUN!! Traveling allows you to gain new experiences, experience professional growth, and meet new people. Once the first assignment is under your belt, the sky is the limit!!! 


  1. My first traveling assignment was a great and wonderful experience, I made many new friends and it was hard to leave, well I ended up extending a few times and was there for 18months so I had friends that I made that became like family to me!!!! I thoroughly enjoy traveling and what makes it easier is the great people I work for at Aureus Medical. They are soooo helpful and are always there to answer ANY questions you may have. Thank you Aureus for making my work experiences sooo enjoyable.

  2. I am looking forward to working with Aureus Medical and its wonderful staff, in helping me find
    my desired location to travel to and work in my EEG field!

    This way to work, seems very interesting and challenging to me.

    Thanks everyone!


  3. This will be pretty handy to get the best out of you for the first interview. Thanks for the post.

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