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Companies leverage social media to share jobs, communicate value to customers, and showcase company culture. As a professional you, want access to this information; and while there are various platforms to connect with potential employers, questions remain unanswered. What platform is most beneficial? How do you stand out as a healthcare professional?

LinkedIn is a great place to start because it is one of the largest professional social networking platforms.  Growing in popularity for healthcare professionals, this is a great way to connect with recruiters to learn more about a travel career or a new direct hire opportunity. Here are three tips to help you start building your presence on the platform. 

Choose a profile picture

LinkedIn is a professional platform, and your profile should represent your occupation accordingly. A picture of only you with a clean background is ideal! A headshot is also a great, and preferred, option.  A profile picture is critical because members with a profile picture are more likely to receive messages from recruiters about opportunities. This is one easy step to set yourself apart from the competition!

Set your preferences

Whether you want direct hire or travel opportunities, LinkedIn allows you to set personal preferences and notify recruiters that you’re in the search for a position. To do this on your profile, select the “Add Profile Section” portion and follow the prompts for “Looking for New Opportunities.” When you set preferences, you notify recruiters of the type of employment you want and you can even specify location(s).

Explore, network & have fun!

LinkedIn offers many features to connect with others and showcase areas of expertise. Join LinkedIn groups for your trade, upload your resume, and send connection requests to professionals in your industry. The opportunities are endless! Most importantly, have fun and keep an open mind. You never know what connection may lead to your next opportunity.

These tips will help you start to network and explore job opportunities on social media. LinkedIn offers many other great features too. Let us know your favorite features in the comments; and don’t forget to reach out today to explore opportunities to start your travel career!

Sadie Denker is a Social Media Recruiter for the Imaging division at Aureus Medical Group.

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