Leap of Faith 2.0

When I was asked to write another blog I got to thinking, what should I write about? I know it’s a great time to get out and travel and there have never been more jobs in more locations with more variety. The thing is, I actually covered this exact topic a few years back. Rather than be a little too lazy and just repost it, I’m going to use a little journalistic integrity and improve on it slightly.

Everything I said in this post back in 2012 is 100% true; the beauty is that it’s actually gotten better. If you are good at your job, and you have the flexibility to leave and travel and see different parts of this great nation, there are twice as many jobs as there were just a few short years ago. With twice as many jobs comes all the different locations that maybe were not around a few years ago. We are seeing areas that have not had traveler needs in years. That leap of faith has never been smaller and less risky as it is now.

The reality is that if you are reading this blog, you are likely already interested. Let me help you understand what an awesome adventure is just a few short clicks away. Or you can call me and we can talk about it. Either way, I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

Leap of Faith

Part of my job is to speak with potential candidates, who, for a variety of reasons, may be interested in looking at traveling. Inevitably, the conversation comes down to how and when do I make the jump to being a traveler? And the best way for me to answer that question, is to have them tell me about themselves, their experience, and what it is that is making them think about travel. So that is my question to you, what is it that is making you think about travel?

I find that usually the reasons fall into these categories:

  • Recently laid off/let go
  • Lack of available positions in the area
  • Tired of politics in current position
  • Not getting paid enough
  • Working fulltime but interested in an adventure

So if you find yourself being able to relate to one or more of those reasons, keep reading. If you don’t, call me, I’d still love to speak with you.

If you are not working full-time, this is your time to take that leap of faith with relatively low “risk”. Think about it, you are not working full-time, so really you are not risking much to jump on a travel assignment. If you fall into this category, your decision is more based on being able to be away from home, and less about risk.

Now, if you are working full-time, this is certainly a more risky situation. It can be hard to leave a “certain” job for the “uncertainty” of travel. What I typically tell candidates is that really it comes down to how “hot” your modality is, your level of experience, and what it is you are giving up. I think the majority of candidates can make more money traveling, the majority making much more. Again, that is something where I would recommend talking to your recruiter. I promise, whoever you talk to at Aureus, they will always give you straight forward answers to any questions you may have.

As far as I can tell, the positives to travel are the following: greater pay, greater flexibility to take time off, new locations and equipment and increasing your knowledge by learning different techniques and procedures. Many travelers receive job offers for full-time work at the end of assignments, so it is also a way to get new employment opportunities.

I frequently get asked what makes a good traveler. I think the resounding qualities that come up over and over again are flexibility and skills. If you are good at your job and you are flexible in where you want to go (shift, length of contract, facility, etc.), you can make a fantastic traveler. If you think you are ready, I’d love to work with you as you make that leap!

Andy HannemanAndy Hanneman is an Account Manager in the Diagnostic Imaging division of Aureus Medical Group. Andy and his wife are celebrating their twins 1 year birthday. When not working, his life is filled with feeding and changing diapers. (He would also like to mention the tireless efforts of his wonderful, beautiful, patient, and understanding wife who takes care of the girls full-time. Without her, his sleepless nights would be much worse.) Being a parent is an awesome power and responsibility and at the end of the day, his girls bring a huge smile to his face. Plus he wanted to mention, he has not yet dropped them, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice!

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