The Hidden Gem of the Midwest

Kansas. The Sunflower State. The heart of the Midwest. What’s not to love? To some travel healthcare professionals, Kansas may not be on the top of their list for possible destinations. However, the great state of Kansas has much to offer both current and future travelers.

We gathered insight from a former traveler who accepted a contract in Kansas and decided to make it their official home. Before accepting a direct hire position, she fell in love with two huge aspects of the state of Kansas: the scenery and the community.

“Traveling to Kansas has been the best decision I could make. Kansas is an overlooked state for travel therapy, but it is not a place you want to miss…”

The Scenery

 “…While it may not be the beach or mountain destinations that people often search for when traveling, it has its own beauty. The great plains are not something you want to miss. I chose to come to Kansas because I was looking for the small town feel, which is not something that I have typically been drawn to. I was first placed in Beloit, KS. After which I went to the big city, Wichita. While I enjoyed being in the city and having options for food, it was not fulfilling for me. My most recent placement, which is now becoming my permanent home, is Parsons, KS. It is the smallest place I have ever lived with approximately 12,000 people.  My first week of work, I fell in love with this area and small town life…”

The Community

“… I was talking with a patient one day about how I needed an oil change, and she jumped right in with offering places to get that done and people that could get me in contact with others. This was not a one-time occurrence; this is how people are in small towns. Everyone is family, and everyone is willing to jump in to help others, even if they don’t know you. When I moved to Parsons, there was no part of me that ever expected to move here full time, but after being here and becoming part of a “family” I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Southern Kansas surprised me with the people and the setting, and I am so excited to begin my new journey settling into a permanent position.”

From the beautiful scenery to the hospitality, Kansas is an overlooked location that has a lot to offer. If the home of the Jayhawks is the location for you, reach out today to learn about our current opportunities!


Brady Garza is a social media recruiter for the Therapy division at Aureus Medical Group.

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