Interview with a First-Time Travel Sterile Processing Tech

By Mikayla Bricker, Social Media Recruiter, Aureus Medical

Many first-time travelers ask me, “How does this whole traveling thing even work?” So, I decided to interview a first-time traveler, the amazing Ashley B., to gain a fresh perspective from a true first-time traveler! Ashley just completed her first travel contract nearly 600 miles from home in Augusta, Georgia, but she didn’t travel alone. She also brought her daughter along on her adventure! If you’re considering traveling for the first time and/or traveling with your family, continue reading on!

What made you choose sterile processing as a profession?

When I went through the surgical tech program at UAMS in Little Rock, Arkansas, I fell more in love with the field of sterile processing. I love knowing I directly contribute to the safety of patients who are undergoing surgery. Instruments not processed properly would lead to surgical infections and I take pride in my work to ensure that doesn’t happen. I love seeing the many, many specialty instruments, and the sterile processing department as a whole is like family.

Why did you decide to start traveling?

I realized there were so many places in the U.S. that I would love to see! Why not work, and explore too?

What have you enjoyed most about working with Aureus Medical?

My recruiter stayed in contact with me during the entire process and made the transition of moving from a permanent position to a travel position feel safe.

What is your advice for a first-time traveler?

Save up first! Research the location of your contract, because some places do have high crime, but you can avoid it. The hospital is hiring you because they are short-staffed, so be willing to put in some extra work to help them get back on track.

What’s been your most memorable trip while on assignment?

My daughter and I took a trip to Atlanta to see the aquarium. It’s the largest in the world! It was breathtaking.

How has it been traveling with your family? And what advice would you give to someone who is planning on traveling with family?

My daughter and I love long road trips, so it’s been fun for both of us. We had talks before the transition and I believe that helped a lot. We took belongings that reminded us of home (favorite blankets, plushies, etc.) My advice is to travel as light as possible!

What are you looking forward to next?

At some point, I’d love to see Arizona!

Thank you, Ashley, for sharing your perspective! I’m sure that hearing from a true first-time traveler will be a huge help to so many others who are considering a career as a travel tech or travel nurse. If you’re a healthcare professional and you’re ready to make the leap into traveling — or have additional questions about healthcare travel opportunities — contact our team today!

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