I Want To Be The Best Provider I Can Be

“I want to be the best provider I can be.”

This is heard often when we talk to healthcare professionals. Whether you are traveling to a new job or settling into a full time position, it is important to know what patients are looking for.  Here are some of the top things patients look for in a provider.

Patients want:

  • A clinician that understands them as well as their families.
  • A clinician who uses their ears for something other than to wear glasses or shades! The most important function is to listen. A good diagnosis can be made from taking a good history, which means listening. Have you listened to someone today?                          
  • Availability. When patients are feeling ill they desire a clinician that is available. Availability means there is a method that allows patients to contact their provider at anytime.  Don’t look at this as a curse but consider it a privilege.
  • A provider who is sensitive, compassionate, caring and concerned that the patient will get the appropriate care regardless of the urging of an insurance company.
  • To be treated with dignity and respect. We all bring something to the table and we need to show our patients the respect that we wish to receive.
  • A clinician who can take the language of medicine and translate it into words that can be easily understood by the patient.

Keep these in mind when working with your patients. It not only will make the patient feel more comfortable, but help you be the best provider you can be!


Erin Andersen, Branch Manager - Advanced Practice
Erin Andersen, Branch Manager - Advanced Practice

Erin Andersen joined Aureus Nursing in August 2007. She was promoted to Branch Manager of the Aureus Advanced Practice Team in February of 2009. She continues to work to assist with growing client needs in this specialty area. Prior to joining Aureus, Erin worked as a Trainer and Sales Marketer for Boys Town in Omaha. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communications from the University of Nebraska – Kearney and her Master’s Degree in Human and Family Services from Bellevue University.

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  1. To Erin and the Advanced Practice Team:

    Great article and very well stated. It is the simple things in our day to day interactions with our patients and clients that make the biggest difference! I am proud to be the best I can be and a part of our Advanced Practice Team! 🙂

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