How to Explore Your New City! A Helpful Guide for Travel Nurses

After contracts are signed and housing is established, after you’ve settled into your new surroundings and become familiar with your facility– it’s time to get out and explore your new city! 

Whether it’s home for a few weeks or a few months, exploring your neighborhood is an essential part of your travel nurse journey. Each new city is home to new experiences and hidden adventures, so it would help if you had a handy guide to navigating it all. Here are three great resources that will get you quickly filling up your days off.

Make the Most of Your Time

Travel nurse assignments are often short-term to help fill in much-needed gaps, so be a tourist on a mission! Outline a few major places you’ve always wanted to see and then make it happen. Do your research, but don’t be afraid to go off schedule. Some of the best experiences are found off the beaten path. If you need help finding worthwhile attractions, there are a few handy tools that can help you narrow down the best experiences that fit into your shift schedule and budget. For instance:

  • will help you find unique places in each corner of 32 major cities. From immersive bars to speed dating in the dark to adult obstacle courses, this is the way to make memorable experiences on your travel assignment. This is perfect for inviting new coworkers out, connecting with old friends, or meeting new people.
  • Who doesn’t love a good bundle? In larger cities, a City Pass allows you to pick and choose your top tourist adventures and bundle them into a single, reasonable price. You can pre-pay for your pass online and skip all the lines once you’re at the attraction. It’s like a fast pass for the best parts of the city!
  • ANational Parks Pass will give you an incentive to get away from the hustle and bustle and explore America’s beautiful parklands. An annual pass for $80 will get you into thousands of National Parks and other federally managed lands. From Mt. Rainier to the Gateway Arch to the Everglades, your entry fees are covered with this pass, and you can bring a friend. 

Do What You Love

When in doubt, default to what you love! Maybe there’s a Broadway show you can catch seats for or tickets to score for a favorite team’s travel game. Ask locals for recommendations, invite other travel nurses out on the town, or connect with old friends. And don’t forget to document your traveler experiences! However you approach it, take the mental break and get out and explore–  You never know what next great adventure you’ll stumble into.

It can feel awkward or lonely exploring a new city on your own, but don’t let that stop you from getting out and experiencing your new surroundings! The more you venture out alone, the more confident you’ll feel in these solo adventures. And, as always, your recruiter is here to help you every step of the way. Curious what assignments are currently available? Explore new travel and full-time opportunities with Aureus Medical. 

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