FAQ Friday: What locations are best for summer therapy assignments?

Q: What locations are best for summer assignments? 

A: As the northern states thaw out, the snow birds – people who head south for the winter months – will return home.

With an increase of people returning home, comes higher census for facilities. More patients mean there will be a big need for healthcare professionals within those facilities.

Over the course of my 5 years as a recruiter, I have identified trends in areas that tend to heat up in the summer time – pun intended!

With that said, please be aware that the majority of areas across the country need travelers to help with the increase in caseloads during the summertime. But, here are the top 5 states with the most summer positions.

  1. Massachusetts. This is on the list for the sheer fact that there are constantly MILLIONS of Physical Therapist jobs available. Among the hottest locations include Cape Cod, Falmouth, Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, and most of western Massachusetts. Currently, there are 25 PT jobs available. Many of which have summer start dates. Licensing takes about 3-5 weeks to obtain.
  2. California. Truthfully, this destination state is always a great place to take assignments. There are constantly assignments available for Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists year-round. Among the best locations with the highest need include the central coast (Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo), the Bay area, and northern California. The licensing is the kicker here. It takes about three months to obtain for both PT and OT.
  3. North and South Carolina. Physical and Occupational Therapist positions tend to increase a great deal in the summer months. The best areas to find work, for the most part, will be roughly 1-2 hours away from the biggest cities in North Carolina (i.e. Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, etc). However, there have been positions in bigger areas of South Carolina including Columbia, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and some will be on the boarder close to Augusta, GA. It generally takes about 2-4 weeks to obtain a license in both states.
  4. Nevada. Let this thought sink in – Lake Tahoe in summer. Nevada is home to plenty of PT and OT positions year round as well. Many of these jobs are among the most willing to orient new graduates for longer than most facilities. The Physical Therapy license takes about six weeks to obtain. Occupational Therapists can expect it to take about two weeks!
  5. Missouri. I know most travelers don’t think of this as a top spot. However, the need for therapists is high. There are many locations throughout the state. Among the areas with highest need include near Kansas City, Osage Beach area, and many small areas in southern Missouri. There are so many great lakes and gorgeous locations. Simply google it and you will see! In addition, many of these options are very high paying!

What other questions do you have about travel therapy? Comment below!

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