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Travel Healthcare Employees of the Quarter

Aureus Medical is happy to announce its travel healthcare Employees of the Quarter. Employees are nominated by their Account Managers each quarter. The winners will then be included in the Employee of the Year nominations. Congratulations to all!

Yvette Mendoza, Respiratory Therapist

Yvette has been awarded the honor of Employee of the Quarter for the Cardiopulmonary and Allied Health Division of Aureus Medical Group. Yvette started in January 2017 and is on her seventh assignment with Aureus. She’s been to Minot, ND, Odessa, TX, Sun City, AZ, Dickinson, ND, Phoenix, AZ and currently in Mountain View, CA where she just extended for another 13 weeks. She’s been asked to extend at every assignment she’s worked and received outstanding evals from her facility managers.  She’s worked for five different account managers here at Aureus, and most have said she’s easy to work with, is dependable, and represents Aureus well out in the field. Yvette definitely deserves this recognition as she is a true asset to Aureus. 

Debra Ashley, CT Tech

Debra has been awarded the honor of Employee of the Quarter for the Imaging Division of Aureus Medical Group. Deb has been a long time traveler for Aureus, completing 19 assignments over 16 years. Many of these facilities have extended her or asked for her to come back. She truly is the epitome of an amazing traveler! She does an outstanding job wherever she goes and is willing to jump in where she is needed, whether that is extra shifts, picking up call, or coming in when someone is unable to make their scheduled shift. Deb loves what she does and we are proud to call her an Aureus employee!

Kathy Sanders, MLT

Kathy has been awarded the honor of Employee of the Quarter for the Medical Laboratory Division of Aureus Medical Group. Kathy is on her 10th assignment with Aureus and just celebrated five years as an Aureus traveler. Not only is she passionate about her career in the lab, she is reliable, positive, and hard-working. She makes the best of any situation and can always be counted on to show up on time and go above and beyond her job responsibilities by staying late to make sure the job is done and done right. Kathy is a joy to work with and we are lucky to have her on our team!

Kacie Mullins, Occupational Therapist

Kacie has been awarded the honor of Employee of the Quarter for the Rehabilitation Therapy Division of Aureus Medical Group. Kacie started her travel career with Aureus back in early 2019. Despite some setbacks early on, her faith in our ability never wavered and we found her another position. She has been extremely responsive and receptive. When she interviewed for her most recent positon, she instantly won the client over. Her professionalism, charm, and kind demeanor came through and she was offered immediately. It didn’t take long for the facility to realize that they got the best of the best sent to them and have since asked Kacie to stay on staff full time. Kacie is the definition of grace, poise, and character and we are very proud she is on our team.

Rosemary Joganic, RN (ER)

Rosemary has been awarded the honor of being one of the Employees of the Quarter for the Nursing Division of Aureus Medical Group. Rosemary is on her seventh assignment with Aureus and has worked in places such as Wyoming, Texas, Wisconsin, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire. She is a loyal Aureus traveler and is so easy going. She travels to each assignment with her small puppy and cat and is always eager and ready to start the next assignment. Rosemary goes above and beyond to complete her compliance items. While prepping for her last start date she drove hours to a police station in New Hampshire to get a background form done faster in person. She doesn’t let anything stop her. One client said, “Rosemary is welcome back anytime. It’s a pleasure to work with her.”

Rosemary also takes breaks in between her assignments to travel the world and keeps Aureus updated on all of her adventures with the most beautiful pictures.

Kimberly Horton, RN (ER)

Kimberly has been awarded the honor of being one of the Employees of the Quarter for the Nursing Division of Aureus Medical Group. Kimberly has been working with Aureus for almost six years and taken over ten travel assignments with us. She is an absolute joy to have on assignment and represents Aureus in the best light. She always checks in with her account managers and is appreciated by all facilities she has traveled to. Recently, she had a tough few months while dealing with a family emergency. She remained positive and completed this assignment. Kim is not only a wonderful representative of Aureus, but a true asset to every facility she travels to. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with peers, educating patients and their families, plus never leaves a shift without completing all her duties, even if it means staying late. We are so lucky to have a strong nurse as dedicated as Kimberly. 


  1. This is why people in medical healthcare are called real-life heroes. They deserve great respect. Love for them.

  2. Congrats to my fellow Aureus Medical teammates on your nominations. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. It those outstanding qualities that we strive for as we represent our company every assignment we take on.

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