Embracing Change

No, I’m not talking about politics – at least not in this blog. I have always craved change.  The thought of doing the same job in the same place for the rest of my working life scares me to the core. When I was in high school I took a workforce analysis and found that I’d either be good at accounting or restaurant management. I thought of endless hours at a desk doing numbers and decided to go into the restaurant business.  

I loved it – feeding people and being extremely busy. No two days were alike. Change was the norm.  Very similar to the health care industry, the restaurant doesn’t stop because someone is sick or showed up late.  People want to be served when the sign on the door says “open.”  However, unlike the health care industry, we didn’t save lives. But the thrill of the shift is like working in the ER – never a dull moment! When it’s slow you take a breath and prepare yourself for the next wave. 

While I loved the restaurant industry, it wasn’t ideal for raising my family. I looked for my next profession and landed at Aureus as a recruiter.  

I was nervous and wondering if I be able to sit at a desk all day. Would I be able to connect with people over the phone like I did in the restaurant business?  After 5 years (and several pounds) the answer is yes, I can sit at a desk all day and I can make connections with people without ever meeting them in person. 

I find that this job provides some of the same thrills when I help people by finding that right job for my new friend, or letting that same person know what to expect when they get to a assignment, or telling someone that this will be the best place they’ve ever worked and being right. 

Every day there is something new. Today’s biggest change is the economy. We all feel it. Hospitals are running short staffed and travel jobs aren’t as easy to find.  Facilities that would have taken a traveler last year are only looking at full-time employees this year.   Facilities almost have to be 3 or 4 short to bring in a traveler.   Everyone is suffering – hospital staffs are being overworked, managers are stressed, and travelers are wondering where all of the assignments have gone.  

The bright spot is this, like everything, will change. As travelers you have the opportunity to change more than any of your peers. By visiting different hospitals and locations you can learn new skills. Not only do you get to experience the normal daily change that any health care provider would see, but you get to see it 10-fold. 

At times I envy your life. Being able to pick up and move at a moments notice and see the country while still earning a paycheck is quite amazing. To know that you made a difference not just in your community but in multiple communities and hospitals is so rewarding. Change happens to everyone. As a traveler you have embraced this and made it a part of your life. The rest of us just live vicariously through your stories, travels, pictures, and post cards.  Wishing it could be us. 


David Adcock, Team Lead-Diagnostic Imaging
David Adcock, Team Lead-Diagnostic Imaging


David Adcock has worked for Aureus Medical for almost five years. He started as an Account Manager in the Diagnostic Imaging division and worked his way up to a Team Lead, overseeing the California branch. Prior to Aureus, David worked in the restaurant industry for 21 years, working in restaurants such as Sodexo Food Service, Red Robin, and Old Chicago. He and his wife, Cathy, have three children, Isabelle (12), Charles (10), and Michael (6).

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