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Let’s chat about wine! One of the great things that the Golden State (California) has to offer is the plethora of vineyards to visit. We got the chance to sit down with one of our Therapy Division Account Managers, Courtney Christensen who happened to get married on a vineyard in California!

Whether you’re there to sample wines or sight-see, take a look at this list of vineyards we’ve compiled to visit during your time in California!

Napa Valley wine

Let’s start off with Napa, the most popular wine destination in the country. Definitely worth the trip to see the endless rolling hills and vineyards it has to offer.

Fun fact: There are about 430 wineries in Napa Valley.


What makes this wine area so great is the location – super close to the San Francisco Bay area and also not super far from Sacramento.

Courtney: I have over half my travelers working 2-3 hours from Lodi so this is a common place I recommend.

Fun fact: They are known for their Zinfandel. Specifically, there is one called the Old Vine Zinfandel. Learn more about the region and why the grapes grow so well here.

Livermore wine

Livermore is located even closer to the San Francisco Bay area than Lodi.

Courtney: One of my all-time favorite wineries called Concannon Vineyard reminded me of Alice and Wonderland. The gardens around the house have all these manicured hedges and it is just so cool. I tell ALL my travelers about this winery.

Fun fact: Livermore is home to some of California’s oldest wineries!

Medocino County

Medocino County is located 2-3 hours north of San Francisco. You have the coast on one side and the Medocino National Forest on the other so it’s a very lush and green location. It also happens to be the least crowded wine destination.

Fun fact: Depending on the time of year this area is known for whale watching.

Solvang/Santa Barbara
Solvang wine

Solvang is located in the Santa Ynez Valley, right on the coast and known for being a little Danish style town. There are quite a few wineries to visit in the area which is another reason why Solvang is so well known.

Fun fact: There was a really famous movie filmed here called Side Ways.  It’s about all the wineries in Santa Barbara and it helped make this area so famous.

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