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The Savvy Traveler

Problems can and will happen while traveling or while on an assignments. Planning ahead for problems and emergencies can prevent huge headaches and delays. We’ve provided a few tips on how to be a savvy traveler.

Mental Health Month – Raising Mental Health Awareness

For most people, the month of May tends to be quite busy. High school and college graduations are usually on the calendars, the scent of barbecues fill the air on Memorial weekend, and pools are opening. It is safe to say that the month of May can be the unofficial kickoff to summer and for

Nebraska puts a Spring in your step

According to Punxsutawney Phil we still have six more weeks of winter left. With the lack of snow we have received here in Nebraska this year, I'm not sure if I believe that little groundhog. According to Live Science our friend Phil is only right 36-39% of the time.

12 Interesting Holiday Facts

We’re spreading some holiday cheer with these 12 interesting holiday facts. Share with your family and friends at your holiday gatherings!

Interviewing with integrity

I often say that interviewing and choosing an employer is quite similar to choosing a companion. Interviewing is the professional world's way of dating and getting to know each other. As in dating to find a companion, there are several basic rules while interviewing you should follow to ensure you respect all parties involved.

Assessing the Past Year to Plan for the Next

It's just about time to wrap up 2015 and put a bow on it. Before you do that, it’s time for a little self-reflection. It’s easy to focus on year end deadlines and quotas before enjoying the holiday festivities, but spend some time evaluating where you are at in your career overall.

Why Northern California is the best region of the state

There seems to be a heated rivalry between Northern and Southern California. People are debating, what region of California is better? Although both zones of California have a lot to offer, I would argue that Northern California is the place to be.

Easy Ways to Make a Flight Hassle-free and Comfortable

My first time flying without my parents was to Prague for my study abroad trip. I was determined to fly successfully, as the only thing between me and the adventure of a lifetime was three measly flights. I landed in Atlanta on time and good condition, but my flight from Atlanta to Paris was