travel physical therapy

3 benefits of travel physical therapy jobs

Being able to help people fully recover from injuries or surgeries is one of the many joys that you get to experience as a physical therapist. But when you add traveling into the mix, the benefits of this job only grow. Here are just a few of the advantages that will come from travel physical therapy jobs:

See different parts of the country
When you have a full-time job, it can be hard to find the time to travel. However, travel therapy will take you to different cities and areas of the country. It’s simply part of the job. You may spend one summer in a city by the ocean, and the fall in Colorado, enjoying the breathtaking view of the mountains. You have the flexibility to go almost anywhere in the country.

Get a job right out of school
When you graduate from school, you don’t have to spend the next few years gaining experience as a physical therapist. Instead, you can start your travel physical therapy jobs right out of school. Travel therapy is an especially wonderful opportunity for new grads who aren’t sure where they would like to settle down in the future. These healthcare careers allow them to see various parts of the country while doing something that they love.

Great pay
Did you know that travel therapy positions often pay higher salaries than permanent PT positions? According to, the average annual salary of a travel physical therapist is about $88,000. Plus, your staffing company will pay for your housing and your travel to and from your assignment. Keep in mind that experience is taken into account. Many salaries for traveling physical therapists will depend on the number of years you have in the industry and vary by city and state.