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Are you ready to hit the road again or starting your first travel assignment?  Your safety is very important to us! Here are some helpful tips to keep you physically and financially safe during your journey.

Traveling by Land

Here are a few simple items to remember to check before you start your journey. First, check the oil and tire pressure on the vehicle you will be taking for your road trip. When mapping your trip out make sure you have your stops planned to ensure you always have enough gas to get to your next stop. If needed, book your hotel room prior to leaving to ensure you have a room to get the rest you need to finish your drive. Make sure a friend or a family member knows the route you will be taking to your destination. Turn on the GPS location on your cell phone. If you happen to breakdown in a rural area with limited service, this can help locate your whereabouts.

Traveling by Air

Always have your important documents with you, such as your driver’s license, passport, certifications, and licenses for your modality. Email yourself a copy as well to make certain you always have a form of identification. Check in for your flight 24 hours in advance as well as check your luggage online to save time at the airport. Bring a carryon bag that has your first day essentials in case your luggage gets lost or delayed. Arrive a minimum 1 ½ hours prior to your departure. Some airports require you to arrive at least two hours before departure.

Traveling in the City

Some travelers that take assignment in the bigger cities, such as Boston or San Francisco, do not take a car and use public transportation. When taking a cab, Uber, or Lyft, verify the car is clearly marked before hopping in the vehicle.


When arranging your own housing, verify that the address and location are legit. Take time to read the reviews of the property. When using Airbnb, look to see if they are a “Super Host”.  When considering housing location, find out the drive time to the facility in rush hour. If possible, get a hotel for a few days so you have time to view the properties when you arrive to make certain the property is safe and up to your standards.

Keeping Your Info Secure

Financially you want to protect yourself from fraudulent transactions during your journey. Use a credit card versus a debit card for gas, hotel, and deposits for your housing. It is easier to reverse transactions on credit cards than your debit card.  Another avenue you can take is purchasing a Pay As You Go Visa debit card. You choose the amount of money to add to the card. These are great for gas stations where the risk is higher for skimmers.

These are just a few simple tips to help you have a safe and smooth journey to your next travel assignment and adventure.

Danielle Schoenfelder is a Team Lead for the Imaging division of Aureus Medical Group

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