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Using Aureus Medical for direct hire job search

I was recently asked, “Are there perks to using an agency for direct hire verses just searching for the job and applying?” There are strong reasons why the answer is ‘yes’, but before I dive deeper into what those perks are I want to take a step back.  First I want you to know what is meant when a staffing agency like Aureus Medical refers to a job as direct hire.

A staffing agency will label a job direct hire when its client is looking for available and interested candidates who wish to join their staff full time. It’s not short-term, seasonal employment, or travel; direct hire jobs are ideal for candidates who prefer to stay in one place and looking for more security than temporary contracts provide. If hired, the candidate will go on the facility’s payroll and will be eligible for its benefits.

Now that we’re on the same page about what a direct hire job is, let’s cover the benefits of using Aureus Medical for a direct hire job instead of applying on your own.


Isn’t it irritating to apply for a job online and then wait for days….months…years (!) for an email or call back about an interview? When going straight online to apply for a job, the relationship-building part of the employment process is eliminated which can mean limited feedback is available. When a candidate uses Aureus Medical to apply for a direct hire job, our account managers will be in contact with their client through every step of the process. They will get constructive feedback about where the hiring process is or why you didn’t get an interview/job offer.

Exclusive Jobs

Before a job opening is even posted online, many times our clients will give us an exclusive opportunity to present them with qualified candidates. To protect client confidentiality, the account manager may not release specifics about the name of the facility or location until they have talked with the candidate and formed a relationship.  That’s why it’s important to communicate with your recruiter about your career goals so they can be on the lookout for opportunities that may be a great fit.

No costs

Did you know it’s free to use an agency for help in your job search? Knowing that, it’s in your best interest to employ every resource possible, especially if it’s no money out of your pocket, to find an amazing new job. Whether you’re a traveler who will eventually want to settle down, a new grad open to relocation to gain experience, or currently employed but wish to switch things up at a new facility, give us a call. We want to help give you an advantage in your job search!

Katie Lutmer is a Social Media Recruiter for the Cardio & Imaging divisions of Aureus Medical Group.

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