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A Traveler’s Impact on the Hospital

We’ve all thought about it – working as a medical professional and traveling for a living sound like a great idea in theory, but there are a lot of challenges and sacrifices that travelers have to face. They have to leave family and friends to go somewhere new. They work long hours and often have to make compromises in their own lives to help hospitals survive. We know these people as independent, selfless and altruistic. Regardless of the many qualities travelers possess to maintain their lives on the road, the impact they make in the hospitals are invaluable.

Travelers prevent burnout. The hospitals and laboratories that are often in need of staffing services are in dire straits; they’re limited on staff; they’re overworked and tired. Travelers come in like a breath of fresh air, with positive attitudes and willingness to relieve the full-time staff. They help keep everyone on their toes. Other professionals often look to them to see how they’ve changed their co-worker’s attitudes. Travelers take much of the stress and worry off of the managers because they know that they can take care of the laboratory while they attend to re-staffing their hospital.

Travelers make an impact on patient care. Whether it’s a Nurse or a Technologist, many staff in the hospital work with patients on a daily basis to provide quality patient care. They bring their ‘A Game’ and can focus on the tasks ahead of them. They also impact other staff, providing much needed relief to their lives and preventing the stress from impacting their care.

Medical Technologists will often ask before an interview, “I’ve used all of this equipment! Should I explain my proficiency and tell them about my experience?” The answer is always yes. Laboratories are full of complex equipment, with procedures and protocols that take time to learn. It’s difficult to keep up at times! Travelers can come into the lab and provide a new level of expertise to these systems, especially when labs get new equipment. Experience with LIS programs and analyzers can help train other professionals and provide a level of learning unparalleled with a manual.

Many travelers possess the skill of independence. It sounds great in theory, but it’s difficult in practice. A lot of Med Techs on the road chose to go that route because they’re good at working alone because they’re self-reliant and can work toward goals without the help of others. All travelers require training and time to learn new things, but many can work by themselves with a good support system in place for guidance and questions. Having a skill like this not only speaks to their level of professionalism, but also to their own self sufficient career aspirations.

Med Techs who work in the lab also inspire others. Coworkers look at their lives and think about the idea of being in their shoes. Combined with a great attitude, quality patient care and expertise are all qualities worthy of being looked up to. There are many great things to say about travelers. They work hard and are essential in helping the laboratory and hospital function. Travelers inspire others to learn more, work harder, and make an impact in every hospital they work with. It’s easy to see the glamour of a living on the road, but if we measured the impact of every traveler on each life they touch, we could see they make the world a better place.

Reva Baumann is an Account Manager for the Medical Laboratory division of Aureus Medical Group.

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