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Three Ways to Beat the Big Buyout

Company acquisitions and buyouts in any industry always seem to cause a great deal of uncertainty. Everybody gets nervous about their job security as they anxiously await word from their managers about their future at their current company. This is especially true for the healthcare industry. Large hospital systems and healthcare providers are constantly trying to determine the most cost-effective moves for their financial health and one decision could affect the jobs of hundreds of employees.

It is important to stay up to date on your industry’s news. If there is a big news piece online about your company, be sure to ask your direct supervisor any clarifying questions so you have a clear idea of what the future of the company looks like.

These changes could affect anyone in the healthcare industry. Here is some advice for those whose companies are going through a buyout and who might feel their job is on shaky ground.

  1. Update your resume. Even if you won’t get let go, it’s still important that you keep your resume ready because you never know when an opportunity will present itself. Be sure to highlight the new skills you’ve acquired in bullet points underneath your latest/current position.
  2. Follow the leader. If you know your direct supervisor is going to get fired, it’s wise to start considering some new options for yourself. While it’s not always the case, it’s pretty likely that those under him or her will follow. Try to give yourself as much lead time as possible to anticipate your future at your current company.
  3. Leave on good terms. Your direct supervisor will be the one to give you a reference when you look for your next opportunity. Even if you get out before the official hammer comes down, you should still leave the company on good terms. You will find that a positive reference from your manager will be the difference between easily transitioning into a new company and struggling to find a job that will be half as decent as the one you previously had.

Even if you aren’t at risk of losing your job, there’s a very good chance there will be some major changes in the way you do perform your day-to-day tasks. You need to determine whether you will be okay with those changes or not. In the end, you need to utilize all of your resources possible so that when changes start to happen, you have a plan to make sure that your employment is secure and your career continues to flourish.

Joey Bastian is a Recruiter for the Aureus Medical Social Media Recruitment Team.

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